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Pressing the big red button one last time....

King Wally

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the great times over the years, man it's been a blast. Sadly this realm just isn't what it used to be and it's time I feel for this old bastard to ride off into the wasteland sunset.


Shout out to all the old RoKers that took me under their wing back in the day.... and again now at the Bear Cav! Also to you Polars in between, especially you Daj!


...but I couldn't say goodbye witout a MASSIVE salute to my dear friends at the NPL, it was only a few years but they were simply the best! KemMo, CA, Smurth, DZE, Prince Jeff, Houston, AvT, Spaz, Guz, Gofast, Kill, Fury + so so many more you guys were bloody awesome to share a radioactive trench with! Thanks for everything! Where-ever you are raise one last Nuka-beer for old man Wally as I exit stage left!


o/ RoK
o/ NPL

o/ Polar

o/ Bear Cav

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You son of a !@#$%*!



Too bad the old NPL forums are down, or I would be posting some nukabeer pics (I wasn't smart enough to save them myself).  First CA, then Kem, now Wally.  Pretty soon it will be AvT, Kill, and me sitting around sipping beer and lamenting the time I fired 13 nukes in a row at Sardonic before one hit.








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