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Announcement from The Wolves

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Greetings, Cyberverse.

For nearly a decade, our Assembly has been full of vibrant exchange with varied ideas and opinions. Often we have struggled to find a united path between us, at times it threatened to tear us apart. Thankfully, we had a very patriotic and loyal group who stuck it out, grinding through seemingly endless debate to find the perfect compromise. The end product was well thought out programs and policies that put us a notch above the average alliance. We never quite reached the moon, but it heard our howl to be sure as we are now one of the oldest alliances in the game, well-known, and well-respected. I, for one, consider this a success story so far as democracies go.

However times change, and now the Assembly Hall is quiet and covered in dust. The Doom War took a lot out of us. While we can't take all the credit, we were involved from the very start and laid some of the early ground-work for the formation of the Doom Coalition. Our goal was to right the wrongs of the Disorder War. Luckily many shared this vision and to our amazement, it became a reality. On top of that, we had the honor of fighting on one of the most formidable fronts in the war. We held the lines on that front, against Sparta/NpO/TOP for months, until finally they submitted to the inevitable. While we were thrilled everything went as it did, it left us exhausted, and doubting we could ever top this achievement. There was a sense we can only go downhill from here, and several quit declaring victory over Planet Bob.

Now only a handful of our statesmen remain, fewer still pay attention to the daily happenings on Planet Bob. We have seen it all, we have done it all, time and time again. We considered disbandment or merging, but our patriotism is so strong, we could not stomach it. There is no other place on Bob that is quite like Fellowship of The Wolves. Our history is long and rich, and there are still many who were here from the FEAR & WP's original founding.. If we disbanded, more would quit, and a unique part of Bob would be lost forever.

At the same time we could not abide simply existing, sliding deeper and deeper into mediocrity. It is at the heart of our culture to strive for excellence. Something had to be done. So the seats of the Assembly Hall were dusted off, and we had one more debate, hammering out the details of a new Charter, a modern Charter, changed to meet the realities of today. The odds are still stacked against us (nothing new), but with change there is hope. Change is our best chance. In taking this leap of faith, the Fellowship has proven itself to still be proud and ambitious. Qualities that make us as dangerous as ever. Non-believers beware. :war:

Article 0: Always conduct yourself with honor, dignity and in servitude of the Pack

Article 1: Membership

Section 1: Immigration

Any nation has the right to apply for membership, provided they are not currently at war or holding outstanding debts to another alliance. Membership is granted upon the approval of the Alpha.

Section 2: Inalienable Rights

All pack members have the right to the full protection and support of the alliance.
All pack members have the right to a free opinion and the right to be heard.
All pack members have the right to leave the alliance, provided there are not outstanding debts or malicious actions taken by the exiting party.

Article 2: Governance

Section 1: Hierarchy

Subsection 1: Alpha

The Alpha is the highest authority of the alliance.
They shall act as public spokesperson and oversee the daily affairs of the alliance relating to internal, foreign and military affairs.

Subsection 2: Pack Elders

The Pack Elders shall be made up of two members serving until removal or retirement.
Should a position become open within the Pack Elders, an emergency vote shall be held to appoint a new member.
The Pack Elder's role is to monitor the Alpha's Administration for maladministration and investigate complaints of the Pack.
The Pack Elders shall have full viewing access to any and all government channels.

Section 2: No Confidence

Subsection 1: Calling a Vote

Should any alliance member feel that the Alpha or Elder has failed in his or her duties or is acting detrimentally to the interest of the alliance, they may call for a vote of no confidence.
The call must be backed by two other alliance members to proceed to a vote.
The vote will be open to all members of the alliance and must receive a minimum of half total member participation to be considered valid.
A minimum two thirds of voters must be in approval for the vote to pass.
If passed, the Alpha is removed from office and an emergency election will be held.

Subsection 2: Emergency Election

In the event an Alpha or Elder is removed by a vote of no confidence (VoNC), the member who initiated the VoNC must host the elections or appoint another to do so.
There shall be 2 days for nominations, 3 days for debate, followed by a 3 day voting period.
In the event of a tie, the tied front-runners will repeat the debate & voting stages until a winner is decided.

Section 3: Amendments

Any alliance member may call for an amendment to this charter.
Any changes are subject to an alliance wide vote. The proposal must be supported by at least three other people to proceed to a vote. The vote will last 72 hours.
Minimum two thirds of voters must be in approval for the amendment to pass.

1st Regime of the Wolven Empire:

Alpha - Canik
Elders - Wolfprince & Turetel

Edited by Canik

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Love it. Enjoy your unlimited power, Canik!

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It's good the furries have somewhere on Bob to go I suppose.

Edited by Margrave

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I beg your pardon?


OK then you are pardoned but don't do it again. Oh and congrats on the renewal I hope it all goes well for you.

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