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  1. King Hassan

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Congrats on achieving peace. May both alliances grow stronger and wiser from this.
  2. Congrat to the Black Wolves of CN , may we feast together for many years to come! HOWL!!!
  3. King Hassan

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    Sorry but the Wolf never cries. We bite. I would preffer a lead an uranium deposit but you guys are so out of range that its even more upsetting than your DOW ... But hey, be our guests: like they say in France: "Plus on est de fous plus on ri!"
  4. King Hassan

    Ain't no future in yo frontin

    Yeah, welcome, too bad you are a micro AA with micro nations who's posting a micro dow for a micro attack.... It's a bit upsetting.
  5. King Hassan

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I started on 9/1/2006 so I've been around for 4,069 days. Kinda feeling like a grampa right now... I was in the Legion at first and I fought GW3 against FAN as a Legionnaire. Legion and AEGIS lost the war. I was in favor of continuing to fight till the end but te majority was in favor of surrendering to The Initiative. I left the Legion to join a small Middle-eastern alliance wich got rolled by NATO for no reason. I then joined Wolfpack before the Wolfpack War. When I think about it now it seems that war was following me in all my alliances. ^^
  6. King Hassan


    4,317 I really think that if at least 10% of us try to talk about this game to their relatives and friends or do some kind of chinese whisper thing, Planet Bob could gain easily much more new players every month. And more players means more fun, more drama, more politics, more trades, more tech, more wars, .
  7. King Hassan

    The Fellowship of the Wolves

    FTW may indeed be a fairly new alliance but we are also proud of our heritage: the glorious history of FEAR and Wolfpack. Today, the Fellowship of the Wolves remembers! Join The Fellowship today to take part in building an even more glorious future among the Wolves and alongside our allies!
  8. "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives." Starve alone or feast together : Join the Fellowship of the Wolves today!
  9. King Hassan

    The new white team starts here (Meridian pact)

    o/ Meridian HOWL! FTW o/ TF o/ Aevrum o/ TIE Lets make White Sphere great again! Oh wait... erm nevermind Long live Meridian! ( yeah, thats better!)
  10. King Hassan

    Aevrum FTW

    o/ Aevrum o/ FTW May this new friendship grow strong in the future!
  11. King Hassan

    WAPA announcement

    This gets my support as well. It has been a fun little hunt but honestly, I don't see any reasons for keeping nuking more WAPA nations after what I read here.
  12. King Hassan

    TIE takes a NAP (FTW treaty)

    Onwards to White team peace and stability! o/ FTW o/ TIE o/ White Team
  13. King Hassan

    Apha Wolves Reach #3

    Congrats to our fellow lupine brothers and sisters of AW! May you live and thrive to feast on your prey for many many years! HOWL!!
  14. King Hassan

    The Wolf Pact (ODoAP)

    HOOOWL!! o/ FTW o/ AW Feast together is better than starve alone!