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  1. Hey not sure exactly where to put this and I suppose it doesnt really matter. This recent war has shown me that the excitement in this game for me is long since gone and I've decided that it feels more like a commitment than entertainment and that I should leave. Thanks to those who have stood by me, guided me, followed me and made this game interesting. I fondly recall my time in each alliance I have been in and wish the best to all who continue to play this game. Cya
  2. LOL I'm surprised they waited until after we threw out Junka to attack us XD
  3. Well the treaty was more controversial but frankly that was a matter of necessity which once I explained it, noone disagreed on. Only person who disagreed at that point was Roal36 but at that point he was long gone from the alliance
  4. What that gov member in COBRA who GK kicked out after the whole thing was uncovered. I had universal support from the alliance in how I handled that. After Monster Mash Archangel1 took over for quite a while. When he left and I took power again we started getting more drive and reinforced our treaty web until a merger was agreed. Wars are good but often people dont want to be in war. I act as my alliance is inclined.
  5. I offer it as a courtesy and because even I will happily admit that Junka doesnt always say the right things and I wouldnt be surprised if people favoured talking with someone who has a more positive reputation. As to TMG it went from a two person AA to around 20 members at its height I think. As to being no more we merged with The Mechanicus and The Ironborn to form the Freehold which had a lot of members but declined in numbers after Maegor from the Ironborn couped the alliance. The Mage's Guild went from just me and Archangel to a significant player in the micro sphere and eventually merged to form what at its creation was something that could not be described as a micro. In short it went from a two person micro to a macro alliance so where exactly did my stance on peace go wrong.
  6. Well hey, any title of peace will fit well on both of our shoulders I'm sure although I'm not currently involved in the war As to breaking the boredom yeah it can do that.
  7. Feel like you're stealing my title with Empress of Peace I was Dragonlady of Peace back in the Freehold XD
  8. War is war. And personally I've never been a fan of it in game. I mean it does add interesting dynamics and I think the treaties it leads to are excellent but I personally always try to steer any alliance I'm in away from it. After all I'm sure negotiations will take some time. You'll have your taste of blood.
  9. Well if you do not want to surrender or accept any terms then the war will never end. I can possibly arrange better terms though than Junka would arrange
  10. Peace is never insane. Asking for the surrender of an enemy you're losing to. Now that is insane
  11. You call me sane and rational yet insist on offering insane and irrational options despite me explaining why they are such
  12. Yeah right, I'm the one who has to organise the rebuild aid so I wanna minimise the damage but really as I've said in almost every measurable way, we are winning. The declaration was on the back of a member of your gov going rogue and attacking us and you guys actively defending them. Tbf we had some valid CB and are winning so our surrender is out of the question. A peace treaty is possible though.
  13. LOL it's not as important as to who threw the first stone as to stop the stones being thrown
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