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Operation "Broken Goat"

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After hearing about despicable treatment of goats in neighbouring alliance Ordo Paradoxia we in Citadel decided to react swiftly. 
Today exactly 11:45 PM Armed forces of alliance Citadel began offensive into territory of Ordo Paradoxia and its states, we wont have mercy towards goat opressors!!
We may have failed to do initial blitz but thats only because we are overwhelmingly strong in everything except NS, infra, tech, nation number, nukes, score, warchests and activity, we had to give OP a chance to fight back!
Goats need our help!!
 tl;dr Citadel declares war on OP!
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First War Doves now Citadel, you guys are starting an updeclare trend. Good luck. See Warriors this is how you do it.


Pretty soon things will be back to normal and we'll be complaining about stupid shit like flagrunners again.


...oh wait  :psyduck:

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Sometimes goats aren't the sweet, little, innocent critters Citadel pretends they are.






Let's clear some things up.


The goat in the DoW had gotten himself into a precarious situation and we were just trying to help him down.  So what if his hoof got a little busted up...we saved his life!



Apparently things have once again been misunderstood and have spiraled out of control, and now we have a war on our hands.


Fortunately, we have not burned all our 'goat' bridges and have hired a special war consultant for this matter.




and some secret weapons...








Good Luck Citadel....should be fun.


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I want to congratulate everyone involved for making this a damn good war. Especialy all Citadelians who coordinated like hell to take down mighty OP opponents, I am proud to lead you guys and I am sure all our goverment is! 


May the rebuilding start!

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B-) :popcorn:


                  Congrats to all the brave participants here...!   Setting  the example too...!   Great War, great efforts,  low % of bickering


and Uneeded stuff...! :awesome:

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