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  1. Bwyard

    auto peace?

    Looks o like I did send a peace offer, so just ignore this
  2. So I was attacked by Glorton. In Te. I tried declaring peace and he attacked me after that. Then he offered peace and I didn't accept but when I logged on today the war had been peacedd out somehow
  3. lets takes names!! also i apologize for downdeclaring, cant doo too much about that with being number 1 lol
  4. i would like to know the last minute standing of my nation and other nations as well, i think its a terrific idea.
  5. nobody agrees with you. And you seem to be the only saying it is a down declare, if other people agree with who, how come they dont speak up and show their proof?
  6. I never called bacon a spy. Nor did i ever intentionally act against le. I would like to know these actions you speak of so if you could msg them to me id appreciate it. Also i was not banned i left of my own accord and then after posting my resignation i was banned and the thread deleted.
  7. So i am Bwyard, and I am Looking for an Alliance for round 29, I have lots of experience at leading and organizing wars and forums. As a former member of LE, i am not anoob. I am Looking for a strong alliance that listens to its leaders and spreads knowledge within its members. I would Love an alliance where i could act as gov or a representative, though I highly doubt that will occur, so The requirements are a Strong leadership,forums, and Guides! Any offer must be in by 5 min before update, i am not asking to skip any application process required i will go through all application or trial processes required of me. I will decide at Update Please Take you Shot at Gaining Me in Your alliance Bwyard OF Unaligned!
  8. I have very unfortunate news regarding LE, i was unable to garner enough support this upcoming round to warrant a reforming of the alliance Lafayette Escadrille. So This is the official announcment that the Reforming of Lafayette Escadrille for Round 29 was a failure. Bwyard will be posting a Thread in the alliance section giving alliance the chance at recruitment, as it is deemed i should not try flying solo.
  9. I like this idea,but i think 20 nations would be better. And you could either do top 20 from each alliance or you could have the alliance's choose The nations that will count by day 5 or 10.
  10. The increased Start money was great,though maybe a little too much even for a 30 day round. I think a 60 day round with 15mil would be a great round. 5 day wonder Cycles, i think 25 mil is way too much, and people learned from their mistakes, it wouldnt surprise me that if you do it again, people will turtel until day 5 when they can buy nukes and then buy a manhatten project and nukes then they can nuke on the first day they build. i think a decreased amount of starting money but slightly increasing the daily collection amount and lowering bills slightly would allow more steady growth while still maintaining a decent size war chest
  11. I'd prefer not to Photoshop an insignia for a historical group
  12. Could you do a Sig for Me,normally I'd do one myself,but i haven't done signatures since i left cn several years ago. Im in new polar order. Could you something with Polaris from xmen please. Take your time
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