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  1. Bundy keep destroying them and hurting feelings 😃
  2. Peace came. No wars on 28th. Nice coordination TT
  3. It’s just infra and tech burning down in a pixel filled game?! Have fun!
  4. 8 vs 20 and so far only two of us fighting their top members! Let the infra burn down to the ground!
  5. Lol make a change bring your alliance to it and take over
  6. I hope I see everyone play next round when it comes live
  7. As memorial of my friend Paul711, OP/TE legend, is AW ready for RE. Some of us in NA like I am so feel free to hit us lol. End of round fun! No dirty ops like (D)Irty (1) 😂 let’s bring the heat to us vets!
  8. From your deleted improvements looks like your gone forever
  9. Ithaca looked like want part of Infra Reduction Program so I bring him in.
  10. Who are these D1 people and their mini Hellas people? They keep ending up in ZI ?!
  11. We all start with 5 nukes one month round lol
  12. Honestly SE most part to quiet. TE have more action and active! Was more fun when more players playing of course but still good though.
  13. remember TE Police lol good times. When I was in OP it was OP and TPC on top for a while in TE world. LE and PS was old school legends themselves
  14. Awesome DOW theme with two awesome alliances with great people on both sides. Have fun y’all!
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