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  1. That is funny The creator of this post has been reimbursed for their testimonial and advertisement.
  2. Sorry this comment bugged me for awhile but I finally found the thread and it brought my memory back. Hoosier was running D1 and wanted me to join them to offer advice. He thought it might help them get to OPs former elite stature. Instead of taking my advice he declares some massively stupid war without even sending target lists out. I, being myself, hit stevieg and a few key friends of his. Hoosier still being clueless tried to order me to peace out with Stevie but I refused. I told fatality I would leave D1 to keep him from any grief and give him some deniability. I never went to OP, I believe I joined Samwise for the remainder of the rd then stopped playing. Memory serves me Hoosier got D1 rolled big-time for his stupidity.
  3. Life must be good this round and please stop looking in the mirror as you post.
  4. RE declares victory over the evil forces of D(ouchebag)1 and their tyrannical leader and TE scoundrel HG. We also declare a state of war to continue with D(ouchebag)1 until they kick HG out and fix their erroneous and misleading statement regarding the history of TE and D(ouchebag)1s place in it. They must also apologize for all their past discretion towards the entire TE community in the past. Any nation in TE with a grudge against the, now is your time to get revenge. To the rest if you want to earn goodwill with RE hit D(ouchebag)1.
  5. Your not laughing after I rolled you. I don't get the hypocrysy.
  6. This is TE so take that SE crap to the proper boards and stay there while your at it.
  7. HG's tears taste a little salty, with a hint of bitterness but oh so sweet.
  8. For real HG who do you dislike more me or Roadrash?
  9. Now he has my protection and your getting pummeled.
  10. OMG this is the first thing we agree on. Check your history, I invented round long wars.
  11. Agreed, you leave D1, they change their delusional message about being the best, and we consider peace.
  12. I can appreciate your putting in the work for school. I would appreciate a little respect for being an elder.
  13. Yet you have enough ego to feel compelled to reply. If only you guys had intelligence and heart to fight.
  14. HG your a want To be. You talk about the past but you were a nobody. You run an AA with semibactive people and start pushing your weight around. Once someone comes along and calls you on your !@#$ you cry. You knothing twit you've pissed everyone off and now you get your just deserts. Stop posting on my OWF. Do you remember this: God forgives (OP) I don't
  15. HG if you fought half as hard on the battlefield as you try on the OWF t might not be a rout. What your seeing is a few old school people uniting to put you in your place. In my day you were nothing, nobody hell in my book nothing has changed. Your a one to be tough guy trying hard to live on a fake reputation. Pursue the forums and read about some of the legendary battles of the past but remember we fought them.
  16. Your a !@#$@#$ retard.
  17. Then do like your AA this war and fold up and leave.
  18. Not really it's not, all I've seen is crying from you.
  19. That explains why you sent DOW s toward AW hwhile we were blitzing you. It doesn't explain the ineptitude and disregard for your people in doing so. It was clear we were a threat, yet you, as the leader, chose to ignore it through your own huberous.
  20. You cannot beat us. Hiredgun how does it feel to be bullied? I mean after years of doing it to others explain to how you feel.
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