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    My God TE has gone to !@#$.... D1 is the top AA with 19 members. What has happened? Hired gun seems to be the main poster on the forums. When I was in TE he was a follower and although nation count was down they still numbered in the hundreds. DOWs had pages of responses in the teens not just numbers.
  2. paul711

    Flag Runners You Suck

    Stevieg will always be... but to the rest of TE if yo dislike flag running stop them
  3. paul711

    RE announcement

    Most, if not all, of the crying broke down into 2 camps. Our side complained about theirs and ice versa... thus is the danger of a bi partisan world.
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    Wars without hate or blood enemies are not what I am used to. Where is the bitterness and hatred?
  5. paul711

    RE announcement

    You know your old school if you remember this war.
  6. paul711

    Flag Runners You Suck

    And to all of you posting about your wars and casualties and such...we know the real scoop. Times are a changin'.
  7. paul711

    Flag Runners You Suck

    I appreciate all offers to join everyone's AA but I am forever linked with OP. However, that does not exclude a working relationship of any kind. I will help in any way needed to combat the tyranny of StevieG.
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    Flag Runners You Suck

    Do you guys need me to come back?
  9. paul711

    TPC Announcement

    I was one TPC'S most ardent enemies and through it all I always fought the because they were the best. I salute you guys as a person who has seen your reign from the beginning through to the end. TE you are missing out.
  10. What has happened to the TE community? Wars are boring with no trash talk or bickering and these forums are ghost towns compared to days gone by. And everyone sits around with thumbs up their asses letting Avengers and others build uncontested. Lets just give them the awards.
  11. paul711

    TDO Rides to War

    Cazaric didnt the war end at update on the 6th?
  12. paul711

    TDO Rides to War

    Good war so far, thanks.   As to how such operations handicap members... it has just been a policy we have had since we had a war with TPC a long time ago and learned not to limit ourselves. Also, economic attacks are more a strategic long term type of op and as such help to prevent enemies from growing beyond our future reach should we deem it necessary to hit back later. 
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    TDO Rides to War

    Nothing dirty in war, hit them back. 
  14. I am kind of interested in hearing what he has to say.
  15. paul711

    TDO Rides to War

    For the record I like this war, hell I was trying to organizing an offensive war against you guys. Best of luck it should be a fun one. That said, OP has a long standing policy regarding war. We use every available game mechanic and expect no quarter nor will we give it. We appreciate your off of no economy spy ops but will not handcup our members. All spy ops are fair game.
  16. paul711

    Defcon2 goes to war with NLoN

    What I want to know is how in the hell is the foreign minister of NLON threatening OP with war over raids when they are getting their asses kicked.
  17. paul711

    Round 37?!

    I resent that because I have one leg :)
  18. Not true at all, Fatality asked me to peace out with Stevie....   To: paul711     From: Fata1ity     Date: 7/25/2015 4:44:54 PM Subject: Peace out Message: Send Stark Junior a peace offer. A gesture of kindness on our behalf will go a lot further than denying him over 20 days of back collections. I have spoken with him and he has requested it. Any issues, let me know.   My reply was that I would continue to fight him even if I had to leave. That to peace out with him was stupid.   he replied with this....   To: paul711     From: Fata1ity     Date: 7/25/2015 10:27:31 PM Subject: Stark Junior Message: He sent me the message you sent him. I don't care about Stevie, you can do what you like with him but as long as you're with us you'll need too peace out. I'll keep you in on our gov boards but you may have to jump ship. I thought you would have done this anyway. :P Either that or i figured OP would hit him. Let me know if you have another plan or we screw that and keep the pressure on him. So it was pre-arranged that I leave D1 so that you guys could have deniability. I did not want to bring this up here but you had to prod and speak of things you don't understand. Also, if I was such a know it all how come you offered me co-leadership of D1 next round which I turned down?   In my advice to you I repeatedly said that the only way to gain any credibility from this round was for you to perma war these guys. If you had hit Avengers solo, like I suggested, then if the others had jumped in, which they may well have, you would have garnered some support from the other AAs but as it stands it looks as though you made your bed and now you must lie in it.     Back sliding eh? Not what you said on your gov forums and in PMs to me you were giddy about his nation burning.     As a side note I have no intention of abandoning D1 as I started fighting with them I will continue and no OP nations will interfere. No matter my personal feelings I will not abandon people in war.
  19. To set the record straight aside from the Stelios era RE has always been garbage, unreliable , and someone's puppet... whether it be Confusion or D1.
  20. If only you had listened to me none of this would be happening.
  21. I concur with Kingjames, though some things are considered bad in the end might makes right. Sometimes to prove a point a good old fashioned perma war is needed believe me I have been in a few. The battlefield solves everything. Whether cirbstomps are driving new players out or not has been debated multiple times but from my experience players will stay or go no matter what. I have seen both circumstances in both good and bad times. Some just do not want to learn, some just do not care in the end the actions of some have an effect but who can say if those players were planning on leaving anyway.
  22. Hey Kong been a while, how you been? As to Kingjames going to the dark side all I have to say Is its about time. I have been trying to pull him over forever.
  23. I am hard pressed to top the way this went down and like you I have seen alot.
  24. I agree with yet again. I do love the hate and feud though
  25. Not like you dont have a valid reason and I know in OP we would do the same. Again I was not judging. I can tell you that in all my years playing TE I have never seen an AA run more incompetently as D1 under Cowboy is. Fatality, Commish, Bunnett and a few others (sorry if I dont name everyone) are good players and people. He asked for our advice on a next war and we meticulously laid out our reasoning for our chiice. Rather than saying no I choose x or y he was quiet until blitz night he makes an aa announcment at around 11:37 ish that we would be hitting tdo, avengers and nlon at 11:45. Ok thats bad, but then he posts enough but no target lists just says to hit people.