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  1. B-) Thank you Overlord Wes, for defending my TE persona with such accuracy...! ;) :lol1:
  2. B-) Letum, Caladin,Terekhov, Sirs, welcome to the Fun,but Bloodied Battle fields of TE. It seems your reasoning & decision to make NDO your First Foe to Blitz here at TE, haven't been received as well as you expected... If you expected it at all...! Possibly the fact of NDO just finishing a War at that time was seen in a difficult viewing angle to be approved as a legitimate War action, by quite a big number of Rulers here. You have referred already to the War Declaration of Defcon-1 and RE as : - "Regardless, my statement stands. You declared a
  3. B-) Terekhov...Greetings! Quite the splash that your AA is making here...! Congrats! Firstable, TE is a place where SE politics and issues aren't allowed,by Admin' Rules... I want it to stay that way...! We create our own AAs,traditions and ways, as long as we don't go beyond TE's Rules... This is a place for both : War practice,with its numerous important details, and To just enjoy a good inter Alliances Brawl, conversations, messaging and to know new Rulers, and salute Old Ones...! At the same time,this area i
  4. B-) Yeah, it looks very,very close from each other in the results... But th efun was for real,!!! Lol!!! :popcorn: :ehm: :nuke:
  5. B-) How come you took it from me...? Lol! Great War and Attitude! :D
  6. B-) Peace is here!!! Great demonstration of War savvy and Bravery!!!! Congrats to all the Rulers involved in this War...! o/ o/ o/ New League Of Dalek Nations,Ordo Paradoxia & War Doves !!! :excl: :popcorn: :nuke: :awesome: :smug:
  7. B-) WHAT can I SAY...??? JUst Lolls!!! And that up to the infinite POwer...!!!! :lol1: o/ NLoDN...! o/ War Doves (as dinner) o/ Ordo Paradoxia (as nice appetizer) Thanx for the War!!! :D B-)
  8. B-) Ehhh, let's say i knew as soon as I saw the disappointment on Citadelians here in the OwF... I think i made a good choice as first War for NLoDN... a little risky, but a good teaching experience for my AA ^_^ Members...!
  9. B-) Nice and Clean...! Very close stats from each other... See, I am glad Our suggestion was rational enough to be taken and accepted by Citadel... Now, my friends at AVENGERS can or cannot agree with us... But, it seems a real Good War between two real good Alliances... Big Show...! :popcorn: :excl: :nuke: :ehm: PS: Posted Yesterday, 06:57 AM "... Priorities. Blitz was okay, it was a bit disappointing to say the eleast. And citadel, the avenegrs will be happy to take all your pixels away."
  10. B-) I am HDSupreme, and Bubbles lives at Michael's Wonderland Zoo...! :frantic:
  11. B-) No more angst 14dwright... Little monkey Bubbles and I will pay you a visit,soon...! Lol! :P B-) Thanks Road Rash,friend... err,... we are 3 AAs in this Tango, Lol! ;) B-) Welcome Bubbles, to the harsh and Rash, life of TE...! :lol1: ^_^ :war: :nuke: :popcorn:
  12. B-) :ph34r: Sorry about that,man! But in 20 days from now they'll be up and running wild for you...! :P Just wait for the results here... don't be a "Desperado"...Lol! B-) Please forgive the raw enthusiasm of General Aladeen... But he knows that Our Orders are to comply with what we had said and Posted. Beside...Read: " For Fairness effects, NLoDN will not Nuke any nation not sporting a Nuclear Weapon or a SDI; as soon as it does, it will be Cat Nuked out of the sky...!" Oh!, ... You are "sporting" an SDI...!!!! Gulp!!! :(
  13. B-) And that's a shame...! But S(he)am said it, that won't be here for TE-36... Who knows, maybe is watching this from home, and commenting it with Kurdanak...! ^_^
  14. B-) Well, NDO's at it again...! TPC's have a good honest adversary...! Have a lot of good War Fun, people!
  15. B-) W-w-what...? That whom did what to who and then War is Over, over that? :o Was I at bathroom when all of this was happening...? :lol1: Might be the Puss & Boots Power of Kitty, or the solemn,undisturbed Presidential poise of President Horton's calmed manners...? :rolleyes: Well, anyways ... WELCOME TO PEACE, all of you the participant Soldiers !!! Time for RECOUP...! Wow....! WoW!!! B-)
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