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  1. Yep, we're still kicking. This time, going after DEFCON 1. Hope this is a good fight for all. :3
  2. Looks like a tag-team effort this time. Citadel is teaming with TPC on this one, against TDO. TDO 27 nations 546,998 NS 20,259 ANS 98 nukes (11 nations) 4 nations over 30k NS 6 nations over 25k NS 3 nations over 20k NS 6 nations over 15k NS 3 nations over 10k NS TPC/Citadel 25 nations 509,326 NS 20,373 ANS 156 nukes (19 nations) 3 nations over 30k NS 6 nations over 25k NS 7 nations over 20k NS 1 nations over 15k NS 2 nations over 10k NS
  3. To add yet another chapter to our round, we've declared war on the War Doves. Hope everyone enjoys the fight as much as I will. :p
  4. So, for those of y'all who love these threads, Citadel has hit the Avengers. Pre-blitz stats to follow: <insert witty comment here>
  5. Let's have some fun. And stuff of that nature.
  6. We could always just grab a beer.
  7. Huzzah to us and such. \o Citadel
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