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    The Dark Order

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  1. And then I singlehandedly tore you guys a new one. Or have you forgotten?
  2. Hahahahahahahaha. You guys are lame. Seriously.
  3. Noble. HAHAHA. One of the people that countered me is twice my NS. Noble. Hahahahahaha
  4. Yes, it has changed. TE is definitely a numbers game now. I remember when it was acceptable to have treaties too. I've been here for that long at least. But now TE is about trade swapping to get the most infra/ money/ casualties because that is what makes it fun. Allies make TE harder, not more fun. Alliances have been burned many times for having allies. There are fewer nations each round so that is why we aim to make wars fair.
  5. This thread is great. Hey, Wiley, we don't do treaties in TE. That was fuck up number one.
  6. Good luck Wiley! Looks like you have a good group.
  7. I'll follow none of your rules. You can try and make me if you want. This is a war game not a "gentlemans" game. LOL
  8. Then he shouldn't be starting fights he can't fight, now should he?
  9. He has a shitty warchest. Now I see why he completely ignored me calling him out. XD
  10. Let me know a theme/concept and I'll even make you a couple designs without commitment. Message me here or in-game.
  11. I'll make you guys a dope flag for 100 tech. :P
  12. All I heard is, "blah blah blah I'm a big baby that can't fight his own wars" Btw, I'm not an alliance. And I have two defensive slots. Put your nation where your mouth is.
  13. You seem to be a lot of talk for someone who has "protected by" in their bio..
  14. Staccs


    4 to 1 and I'm whooping ass. Now to see if they let me out of war so i can whoop some lower tier butt. The saga will continue.
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