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What is Neo-Imperialist Moralism? An LNN Special Investigation

The Zigur

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What is Neo-Imperialist Moralism?


A Factor Investigation


Thank you for joining us tonight. This is the first time in our networks history that two episodes of the Factor have covered the same thread. In fact, two episodes were necessary because of the critical role NPO's surrender plays in world history. Whereas our previous episode covered the events running up to the war's ending, this episode will focus on what follows; specifically, what the false moralism prevalent throughout the thread means for future relations.


Now as our viewers know, this war was revolutionary in nature: it not only struck down nations, but it struck down ideas. It was a much different approach to warfare than the Equilibrium war. A member of Valhalla recently criticized the war for the way it unfolded:


This war was one of the worst I've experienced in the beginning, it settled down and the coalition came together to at least a working relationship in the second and third month. EQ from my standpoint was the opposite. Started off alright, but deteriorated and then blew up towards the end. -- Lord Levistus



With all due respect, Lord Levistus, this war was completely different in design than Equilibrium. Brehon relied on a reactionary approach with his coalition against Umbrella. It is easy for that sort of war to start well because everyone sees the objective. Fighting Mushqaeda went along similar lines, reacting to and containing a situation which everyone could see happening.

The approach in this war was reversed: It began as an idea within a small group of people, and was slowly and carefully spread and implemented.  When the hammer blow came, it was quick and decisive, and a quick look around revealed that resistance was futile. This is the higher form of warfare, but also the one most difficult to implement. This could be considered a revolutionary war from some perspectives, since it essentially toppled the hegemonic culture of white peace. With MK out of the way, along with their dominant ideology, this war became possible.


This brings us to the main point of tonight's show: moralism in the context of neo-imperialism. Not long after the announcement was posted, Pacifican members and apologists hysterically attacked the morality and honor of the Coalition, and Sir Paul even invoked the Bible:


Regarding CCC's "white peace," I would argue that one should exit the war when it was clear that your allies were defended.  By staying on until final peace is signed, and only signing final peace after your allies demands were met, CCC is clearly party to these deed.


Ephesians 5:11

 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.


Now the folks know what is really going on here. Pacifican demagogues are trying to rile up the people and are hinting at punitive reparations in coming wars. Of course these pompous myrmidons forget the fact that there were no reparations in the terms, and they simply targeted the upper tier Pacifica attempted to hide in peace mode.


Of course as the Factor revealed weeks ago, NPO is in no position to ride the moral high horse. NPO had pushed for even harsher terms in the equilibrium war! As Crownguard pointed out in the thread, NPO and her foederati palls are using moralism as a cloak for revenge. The Coalition did not apply terms to Pacifica for petty emotional reasons: NPO represented a threat in the short term with their top tier nations untouched with peace mode. NPO had to be removed from the political equation as long as her allies are, or the war would be pointless. Good wars are not about revenge, but rather preserving (or establishing) stability.


Pacifica's Neo-Imperialism, however, remains a potent threat to said stability. After recently traveling to Francograd myself and confronting their modern ideology (and a dragon), it left no doubt in my mind that much work needs to be done to bring Pacifica back into the international community. When the Mad Emperor Moo gutted the Praetorian Guard in 2007-2008, it strayed NPO from her original goals with the Hegemony and towards imperialism. This was reflected by their aggressive wars and EZI policies, which would eventually lead to their downfall.


Thus Neo-Imperialism is simply their ideological desire to return to Moo era imperialism. With all the inherent contradictions within the philosophy it is no surprise that they turn to turbid moralism in an attempt to sway people to their "cause." Until their sickness is cured, however, they will continue to blunder while pursuing raw ambition and revenge, aided by the myriad useful idiots who support them "morally."


This is a wake up call to the world: The war may have ended well, but never lose vigilance in the face of an enemy who refuses to capitulate and continues to saber rattle after defeat. But it also reveals our responsibility to change their policy direction and teach them how to learn from their past mistakes. Pacifica may think her worst enemy are those who imposed the terms, but in reality, it is her own adulation for her imperialist past.

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Please refrain from the use of Moralism™ in your writings. As High Priest of Moralism™, Grand Arbiter of Honour and founder of the Church of Tygaism, Tygaland holds the trademark.

Well, moralism is just another idealogy, really. There isnt just one form of moralism. It generally plays a deceptive role in the case of imperialists.
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Well, moralism is just another idealogy, really. There isnt just one form of moralism. It generally plays a deceptive role in the case of imperialists.

His Holiness has spoken, there is only one Moralism™. Your very usage of the term in regard to the fantasies of a paranoid and ego-ruled mind serve only to promulgate heresies against the Mother Church.

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I feel like Im watching Fox.... -___-"

You go on about Imperialism and Moralism when you're forgetting a few things:

1. NPO displayed great morals and integrity in this war. In fact, no alliance involved showed more. NPO is a powerhouse, but even they couldn't handle what they took on. They knew full well what they were getting into (as displayed in their DoW on TOP) and didn't hesitate. They lost, but dished out a fearful amount of damage. I respect their role in this war.

2. Pretty much every alliance in CN is imperialist. Even the neutrals. All alliances make it a goal to grow and expand. So I have no idea what you're getting at with this.

3. I can think of plenty alliances involved who simply have no morals at all. NPO is not one of those.

I sense you're a little peeved that NPO did so well against the odds.

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I've called him the Mad Emperor ever since returning. (ooc: it's a reference to the Mad King of GoT who's insanity ended the reign of his line).


Moo's extreme imperialist policies in NPO from 2007 to 2009 included EZI, forced disbandment of alliances, viceroys, huge reparations, extortion, and very poor foreign policy direction with allies. This slowly turned the Hegemony into a Pacifican controlled Empire. As a result, Emperor Moo was rebelled against, and NPO was defeated in the Karma War.

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