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  1. I will never get used to seeing you as a member of Polar. But I understand that our permanent war against Pacifica was not everyone's cup of tea, so best of luck in Polar.
  2. Even most of our enemies don't question how loyal we were to NPO for years and years and years. Some claims toward us might bother me, but this one doesn't it's just so totally off base.
  3. It is a lot more work than anyone around here seems willing to put in, let along a relatively small alliance like TPF, so your criticism isn't really anything to do with TPF, but of everyone. And we do live in very different times now where the majority of this place is tightly aligned, which wasn't the case in the past you are speaking of. I don't see what you speak of a a very viable possibility, but theoretically it could be tried. If that's your concern with TPF, I'm fine with that. We're enjoying fading away and getting a little payback for things we see needing payback. That's more than I see most folks getting who depart.
  4. The swansong of this entire place is disappointing. Given our numbers, I think we're making a decent dent, but I'm really not sure what we could do to make more of a dent. Nobody is make much of a dent these days, despite some folks having lots of tech, etc. I'd rather go out the way we did than just put up an announcement and that's the end. Of course in the last MI6 curbstomp when NPO was all over TPF, we lost most of our nation strength. I dropped a good 20k tech plus myself to NPO almost exclusively. Didn't see a reason to spend the time to rebuild 20k tech to be curbstomped again by our old ally.
  5. Yes, there is so much to be accomplished around here. I'm one of those loyal people, as are others that remain. Loyalty wasn't an issue on our side of things.
  6. Not what we're up to, though it would certainly be the most interesting thing to happen around here in a very long time. But, hey, when nothing ever happens, I guess people need to engage in idle speculation.
  7. A fundamental problem has always been that few folks like an actual knock down drag out fight and that problem has only gotten worse in recent years. As each day goes by I'm more pleased that I'm not part of the stagnation that is choking this place off. Will we change things in a major way around here or knock NPO off its perch? No, of course not. But we're having fun and there's something more to do that accumulate pixels, which is more than most folks can say in recent years.
  8. We've had and continue to have fun blowing up NPO nations. This has been the funnest year for me in a long while. People over analyze.
  9. After almost a year of constant war and little else going on, people's interest and warchests, among other things get hard to maintain for many. I have to say it's been fun to just fight and not worry about there being nothing more than a curbstomp once in a blue moon passing as something interesting.
  10. Thanks for remembering us! We've kept busy, though some folks have lost interest eventually, entirely understandable under the circumstances.
  11. Seems a poorly matched video selection to start this thing off. The odds weren't heavily stacked in Aragorn's favor as they are NG's. Not a lot of curbstomps on the doorstep of Mordor. Other than that a cool video though.
  12. We're an alliance of 27, at this time. We've declared war on another alliance. Some people will try to throw labels around regardless of the facts and others will pretend to believe for their own reasons.
  13. It is a bit shocking that NPO has had tons of nations within range with pretty full sets of wonders and almost none of them come to the defense of their alliance mates (kudos to the few who have), but rather it's mostly other alliances with nations in the same range that come to the assistance of NPO's lower tier.
  14. You're proving yourself more clueless with each comment. What's your next laughable claim?
  15. When the odds are so overwhelming, a preemption means little. If the odds were more even, then preemption might have some strategic meaning. In the case we're talking about, no.
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