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  1. When was the last time any King of Sparta went into peace mode? 🤔 These accusations have not arisen here and therefore have no need to be addressed. You're all welcome to your opinions, but clearly, your inability to read the context of the comments above renders the rest of this conversation pointless. Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend! D1 and NPO enjoy your new relationship.
  2. Spartan government not responding to this certainly is not indicative of any leadership traits or otherwise. I personally see no reason to respond to OOC attacks through this forum, but as always am more than happy to discuss any concerns people may raise with me directly. In regards to Alex, I have always held him in high respect for his loyalty and tenacity, and have always known any targets I assigned him would be hit with all his strength. I wish him all the best in regards to his future movements and only wish he'd taken the time to discuss his concerns with myself or Whitetigger before this occurred.
  3. Official Surrender of Sparta Sparta hereby surrenders to the combined forces of The New Polar Order, Fark, Mostly Harmless Alliance and Umbrella. Sparta hereby agrees to the following terms of surrender: 1. The Top 10 Peace Mode nations in Sparta (as agreed previously by both Sparta and The New Polar Order) will provide 54000 units of technology to the Top 10 Spartan fighting nations (as previously agreed by both Sparta and the New Polar Order). Such movement of technology is to occur within 11 aid cycles using as many aid slots as required to accomplish the movement. 2. If any Spartan nation defined in #1 declines to send the technology in a timely manner, such nation will be removed from the Spartan alliance and subject to whatever fates befalls them at the discretion of the New Polar Order. Such nation will be replaced on the roster by another Spartan nation deemed suitable by both Sparta and the New Polar Order. 3. If any Spartan Peace Mode nation chooses to leave Sparta rather than meet these terms they shall likewise be subject to whatever fate befalls them at the discretion of the New Polar Order. Such nation may never return to Sparta having disgraced themselves beyond redemption. 4. The New Polar Order will not attack or engage in otherwise hostile conduct towards Sparta for the duration of these terms. Once all technology has been moved according to these terms, this surrender will be completed and Sparta and the New Polar Order will both go their separate ways unencumbered by these terms. Signed for the New Polar Order, EaTeMuP - Emperor AlmightyGrub - Regent, Imperator Emeritus HannaH - Minister of Truth Emperor Jason - Minister of Peace Quantum Leap - Minister of Love bluesam3 - Minister of Plenty Signed for Mostly Harmless Alliance, Jesbro, Scorpio, Jalap - MHA triumvirs. Signed for Fark, 182 - Submitter Arcane - Speaker of the TF Council, BozDaBoz, Yak, 905, Decide R Inchief - TF Council Signed for Umbrella Roquentin - President of Umbrella Signed for Sparta Ezeriel - King of Sparta Whitetigger - King of Sparta
  4. I have said multiple times publicly and privately that I'm happy to discuss peace whenever Polar wishes and have invited them to our Discord to enable them to easily me. Although I admit I haven't actively sought out Grub, especially when hearing that apparently the actions of another realm are somehow going to mean there is no easy way out - another realm that I cannot effect despite my throne here - then there is a reason for my hesitation in hearing their terms until this is resolved. But please do not mistake us discussing things internal - both amongst govt and members - as not caring. That is certainly not the case, and there are active discussions about the state of this war occurring on a regular basis at all levels within Sparta.
  5. Are you please able to send me the details of this to me? To my knowledge, none of our members should be doing this and it is by no means endorsed by the Spartan government. I will follow it up and ensure that if legitimate action is taken to rectify it. We will fight, but we will fight with honour. To clarify, Sparta exists only in this realm and no actions anywhere else have affected or will affect our behaviour here. I am disappointed that this has occurred at all and it is a poor showing.
  6. For the record I shall add Sparta's to this: https://discord.gg/45nMxQU
  7. So basically, you have no clue what we're going to do? But by being mysterious about it you'll be able to claim you were right regardless of what happens post-war? You were more fun when we were in TPF together.
  8. So Cazaric has this big conspiracy (that only he is involved in) to do something, that no other members, or govt know anything about, but you do? And this is his post-war plan? Honestly, I'm beginning to think even you're realising it is only foolish posturing at this point. As I've stated our members are fully aware of our intentions, and nothing has been kept secret from them. If you think there is, either say what it is, or at least stop spluttering the same old nonsense, it makes you look weak. Or continue, it makes no difference to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/
  9. I have access to all of this and still don't know what you're talking about :/ Hence, please reveal to us here what exactly we've done to betray ourselves and our members.
  10. Ah excellent, perhaps you would be able to inform us then what his treacherous mishap and betrayal is that has occurred? I've been asking but no one seems to have been able to answer me...
  11. Well, as a govt member I for one am really curious as to what this betrayal is. I know you keep saying to ask us, but we honestly have no idea what you are talking about in this case :/ I can't even try to counter it because I don't know what it is.
  12. As much as I love Sparta that was a sick burn However, I hope you understand that my feelings are much the same towards you. I don't even hate you really, that would require me to actually care about you in some respect. The reasons behind this conflict are inherently just an excuse to have a war that you wanted. There is nothing wrong with that, but trying to act like gov betrayed Sparta in some way is frankly flawed; we have always been open with our membership about everything that is going on (or at least as long as I've been around).
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