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  1. Coloradia

    Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement

    "Well, here at last, dear friends, on the shores of Bob comes the end of our fellowship in Cybernations. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”   In two weeks I will have reached six years of STA membership. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather have spent that time. Thank you to all Tigers past and present. We truly have been one of a kind.   Za Sibir!
  2. Coloradia

    ODN Election

    In the STA it's a twinkie eating contest, nobody has ever managed to come close to Tyga.
  3. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    Good god. That you and Samus are all RON can usually muster to even attempt a defense of itself on the OWF is embarrassing. I understand why NG took you back now. Absolute pity that your alliance mates were saddled with the two of you as public voices.
  4. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    Would require people with balls. Most of those left are just pixel huggers.
  5. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    Depends if you consider IRON fitting NG's head up their rear while removing the knife from NG's back to be impressive on the part of IRON, or just sad on the part of NG.
  6. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    1. Wait, so I rip on IRON for lacking the balls to fight a war in which they aren't guaranteed the win. Samus counters with Bipolar. Isn't the main TOP/IRON whining point about Bipolar that they thought they had it in the bag before the whole Bipolar part of Bipolar? So Samus' counter argument to me stating that IRON won't fight a losing war, is to bring up a war they would never have fought if they knew they might lose? And then IRON and the CoC in Karma, I think we all know how that went.   2. WarriorSoul has it covered.   3. Yes, I'm sure you battled long and hard for all 3.6 million casualties that you have.   4. I only lost about 20k tech, although I'm not sure anyone expects anything resembling reality from you in the first place nowadays. You see, I'd happily go to ZI/ZT fighting a good stand up fight burning all the NS I can off of scum like RON. You cannot abide the concept of losing pixels and you attribute your fear of losing pixels to others.
  7. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    This is complete bollocks in the current era of SDI/MP saturation. You've got an advantage for the first week at best, beyond that you're not landing a daily nuke, you're the target of downdeclares and perma staggers by a competent enemy, you're navy-less meaning no battle support, and your enemy is picking targets meaning they not only are larger than you on a nation to nation basis, but they can target select and coordinate while you're left hoping to coordinate with up to a half dozen allied nations that can all have different activity times leading to you being SoL on coordinating.   The only way to honestly believe what you have said is complete and utter intellectual incompetence. Having said that, you're Samus, you're in IRON, and you and your alliance are some of the biggest bootlicking pixel hugging cowards on Bob. You wouldn't know the first thing about being in a losing and massively outnumbered war as you'll backstab, scheme, and betray to avoid anyone mistaking you for having balls or honor.
  8. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    You, NSO, and Nordreich were in that war till the end, TPF did more damage per nation in their half of the war than every other alliance on our side (bar GATO and STA) did in the entire war. !@#$%*ing about them peacing out is just revisionist history because the rest of our side was incompetent $%&@s or barely engaged even if they were "at war" for a longer period of time. Regardless of how long they fought for they dealt (9th) and took (6th) most damage per nation on our side. They dealt (4th) and took (3rd) most damage per war on our side, so they were engaged in the upper tiers heavily, they just didn't stick around for the flailing dicks 20k NS vs 20k NS crap as the war wound down. Do you really have substance to your argument or are you like the liberals of Coloradia who rely on emotional appeals because they don't have a leg to stand on factually?
  9. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    He doesn't really have a leg to stand on in terms of substance, he has to revert to the childish "lol u n00b we won". I don't think he realizes how his inability to converse without snide attempts to brag drives home our argument that RON are cowards who will do anything to avoid losing pixels.
  10. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    Yeah, so sad that we have honour and fidelity. What's really sad, and just as predictable, is your lack of both.
  11. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    RON has been terrible for a long long time. Cowards, bandwagoners, pixel huggers, etc. They hate us because we call them out on it. We don't play the PC game, we just call things as they are. They do what they can to take a shot at us when possible and then talk big about being on the winning side of 10:1 or worse matchups. You can tell they're a little sensitive to the truth. Heck, letting IRON hit us on a 3?4? oA chain was the only way NpO's side could lock down RONs loyalty during Disorder. It's honestly a little embarrassing how much irrational hatred they focus on little old STA considering how high and mighty their egos are.
  12. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    Nah, keep the same nations in. Infra from 0-> 20k is cheaper than 15k->20k 4x.
  13. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

    I can acknowledge your good intent amidst the naivety. Civility and respect is for the friends>tech>infra, death before dishonor types though, not whatever you choose to call those who inhabit the Oculus alliances.
  14. Coloradia

    A Statement From MI6

      This has me terribly sad as you and Yehom passed me in the last 2 days for that 4th spot :(