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  1. This is written by Tywin.... but the Silmarillion. I'm conflicted.
  2. Moralists still exist. As Lulzism died out the public presence of moralism dimmed.
  3. I feel like I called this a month or so after he formed NSO. And most people had his back at that point.
  4. Diablo 3 opening sales were a success. As a game it was a complete failure. You can only pull off the con once.
  5. Modern F-15 variants can get pretty pricey though, if you're on a budget then something along the lines of the MiG-35 and Su-30MKI are pretty good deals. The JAS-39 Gripen can be a good idea as well, it really depends on whether you would want to be reliant on the USA or Russia. Once you make that decision everything else begins to fall in line as you will want STANAG equipment. You can get out of the USA vs Russia dichotomy in some places. China and India are working heavily on indigenous armed forces, Most major NATO nations, SK, Japan, Israel, are pretty well setup indigenously as well. Even they use a large amount of Russian or American munitions though.
  6. Coloradia

    Dear International....

    Last I checked aid being sent in by noncombatant alliances was fine with that side of CN. Scratch that, actually TPF wasn't allowed to aid STA even though AZTEC needed aid from Symphony. It's all about if you're on the ruling side or not. Might makes right of course!
  7. CSM just explained my view pretty well. It's a generic putdown nowadays, when the homosexual community whines about it they just look sad imo. Everyone has to be ohh so politically correct though so publicly everyone goes "Shame on you Kobe".
  8. MK'ers jumped to PC to get hits in on STA then went back to MK when the wars expired. That's just the way these guys roll.
  9. So basically you hate what you choose to think we celebrate so you refuse to celebrate even though that which we celebrate has absolutely no connection to that which you hate. So say I claim New Years is based on the Eleusinian Mysteries and refuse to celebrate New Years because of it. Now all of you who celebrate New Years are uneducated bumpkins who only believe the propaganda you are fed in public schools! New Years is truly celebrating Demeter and Persephone. Woe to you who are blind to the truth!
  10. Aww. Look at the cute little Tyga! Pity he's grown so... "large" as of late. Blame the twinkies.

  11. Coloradia

    Classified Ad

    Maybe you and Goon could trade, and then test your new SDI's against each other?
  12. Your ava gives me a headache.

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