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RE: Tywinn

Neo Uruk

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So, this guy is walking around making outrageous conspiracy claims and outright falsehoods left and right. Recently, he's come into the mood to attack me because I "agreed" to pay 100 tech to TTE and didn't do it (read: he told TTE I would and I said no)

(note logs do contain some OOC content)
Among the other claims he has made regarding this situation, he has said that I also "begged" for peace and kissed his ass.
Session Start: Sat Oct 05 00:24:26 2013
Session Ident: Tywin_Lannister
00:24 Session Ident: Tywin_Lannister (Mibbit@NOPE)
00:24 Query with Tywin_Lannister/Mibbit@NOPE opened on Saturday, October 5th 2013, 00:24:26.
00:24 Total queries: 1488/~10.7 per day
00:24 Queries today: 1
00:24 Common channels: #nso #nsa #nongrata +#MI6
00:24 Tywin_Lannister lol
00:24 ReytheGreat sup
00:25 Tywin_Lannister one sec
00:25 Tywin_Lannister join #IronThrone please
00:39 ReytheGreat xfd dude
00:39 ReytheGreat if they keep hitting me NSO is gonna come through and wreck shit
00:39 ReytheGreat all this mediation is unnecessary
00:39 Tywin_Lannister no they wont
00:39 ReytheGreat and just letting Yuurei think he has the upper hand
00:39 Tywin_Lannister NSO isnt in a position to do anything
00:39 ReytheGreat yes, they will.
00:40 Tywin_Lannister just send him a hundred tech later bro so he doesnt lose face
00:40 ReytheGreat I think you overestimate how respected TTE is
00:40 Tywin_Lannister we are all helping each other here
00:40 Tywin_Lannister I might find TTE useful later
00:40 Tywin_Lannister Im helping you
00:40 ReytheGreat I don't need help bro
00:41 ReytheGreat I've got my situation on lockdown
00:41 Tywin_Lannister dude. I gave you peace
00:41 Tywin_Lannister If I wanted to, I could go right back in HB, redeclare war, and NSO wouldnt do sht
00:42 Tywin_Lannister can we stop being hard headed here
00:42 Tywin_Lannister and all be gentlemen
00:42 ReytheGreat that's HB, not TTE
00:42 ReytheGreat :v
00:42 Tywin_Lannister bro, just send him the tech later
00:43 ReytheGreat I'm being a gentleman, but I refuse to send reparations for something so trivial as two rounds of war
00:43 ReytheGreat this isn't 2007
00:43 ReytheGreat nobody does reps unless it's a lone wolf roguing
00:43 Tywin_Lannister dude, look at my aid screen
00:43 ReytheGreat over, like, 15k
00:43 Tywin_Lannister look at my aid screen
00:43 Tywin_Lannister http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=535694&Extended=1
00:45 ReytheGreat that's you, man
00:45 ReytheGreat you have a different worldview
00:45 ReytheGreat and those aren't even reps
00:46 Tywin_Lannister the dont call it reps
00:46 Tywin_Lannister its a "tech deal"
00:46 Tywin_Lannister part of being successful is compromise
00:46 ReytheGreat I don't play to be successful
00:46 ReytheGreat I play to have fun
00:46 ReytheGreat :v
00:48 Tywin_Lannister well, then, if you dont want to cooperate
00:48 Tywin_Lannister I suppose I'll have to talk with NSO leadership again and tell him unfortunately I couldnt deliver the results they wanted
00:48 Tywin_Lannister and you'll be back at war
00:48 ReytheGreat it's a simple matter of this
00:49 ReytheGreat my war has an update or two left in it
00:49 ReytheGreat I have 3 defensive slots
00:49 ReytheGreat if they were so interested in reps; they would have already filled those slots again
00:50 ReytheGreat there's been a few hours with 2 slots empty, and 50 minutes since the last expired
00:50 ReytheGreat I'm not paying reps when the other party isn't even giving effort to staggering
00:50 Tywin_Lannister its not reps, its a gift
00:51 Tywin_Lannister you want in NSO right
00:51 ReytheGreat why would I give a gift to the worst alliance I've fought
00:51 Tywin_Lannister what is so important about 100 tech
00:51 ReytheGreat NSO will accept me when I'm out of war
00:51 ReytheGreat the fact that I have to give an aid slot
00:52 Tywin_Lannister NSO will see these logs and how you refused any sort of compromise and are trying to throw around NSO's weight like you are theirs to command
00:52 Tywin_Lannister *they are yours to command
00:52 ReytheGreat I'm not throwing around weight
00:52 Tywin_Lannister and I will fill your war slot personally
00:52 ReytheGreat I'm being realistic
00:52 ReytheGreat at some point, this just gets ridiculous
00:53 Tywin_Lannister I was one of NSOs founders and you think you somehow have more influence than I do
00:54 Tywin_Lannister at what point is 100 tech such a huge deal
00:54 ReytheGreat how much interaction have you had with NSO since it was founded
00:54 ReytheGreat 100 tech is not a huge deal
00:54 ReytheGreat interfering with tech deals/aid flow is
00:54 Tywin_Lannister did I say send it right this moment
00:55 ReytheGreat well I'm not scheduling a rep payment months in advance
00:56 ReytheGreat I am not paying reps to an alliance that did not fight back
00:56 ReytheGreat they did not do damage this round
00:56 ReytheGreat at all
00:56 Tywin_Lannister you messed up joining MQ
00:56 Tywin_Lannister everyone else in MQ is not getting such an easy break
00:57 ReytheGreat I don't care about an easy break
00:57 ReytheGreat I'm joining an alliance
00:57 Tywin_Lannister not while you are at war
00:58 ReytheGreat I either won't be at war in 2 days
00:58 ReytheGreat or TTE nations will be getting wrecked in the shit tier
01:12 Tywin_Lannister TTE wont be getting whacked when NSO hears back from me
01:13 ReytheGreat lol i dont even care dude
01:13 ReytheGreat I'm just trying to join an alliance and you guys are being anal retentive to the max
01:13 Tywin_Lannister Im the one who's been facilitating your peace
01:13 ReytheGreat well you're doing a damn shitty job of it aren't you
01:14 Tywin_Lannister youre not going to turn this on me when i spent two hours of my time helping you out, only because NSO requested it
01:15 ReytheGreat I'm not turning shit on you
01:15 Tywin_Lannister NSO, Myself, yuurei all taking time to help YOU out who decided to bandwaggon with MQ, got knocked down and got tired of your own decision
01:15 ReytheGreat you're trying to get me pay reps
01:15 ReytheGreat that is not an option I will be taking
01:16 Tywin_Lannister alright bro, I tried to help
01:16 Tywin_Lannister good luck
01:17 ReytheGreat same to you
01:22 Tywin_Lannister [Mibbit@NOPE] has quit IRC
Session Close: Sat Oct 05 01:29:46 2013[/spoiler]
Please note that I didn't directly mean to threaten him with NSO, I was simply stating that nobody likes PZI at this stage of our world and that my many friends would likely stand up for me. Also, note that NSO leadership did not approach Tywin at any juncture regarding my peace.

Now, #IronThrone (which runs simultaneously)
Session Start: Sat Oct 05 00:25:53 2013
Session Ident: #IronThrone
00:25 Joined #IronThrone
00:25 ReytheGreat what's this
00:25 Yuurei [androirc@NOPE] has joined #IronThrone
00:26 ReytheGreat hi yaoi
00:26 ReytheGreat or w/e
00:26 @Tywin_Lannister ok can you guys please hash it out and make peace lol
00:26 Yuurei Great start there
00:27 ReytheGreat I'm not at war with him tho
00:27 ReytheGreat no TTE nations have attacked me lol
00:27 ReytheGreat there's just one inactive guy I hit
00:28 @Tywin_Lannister thats actually worse lol
00:28 Yuurei Round 1...yeah, he was an aid sponge
00:29 @Tywin_Lannister rey why dont you send yuurei some tech later
00:32 ReytheGreat is that really necessary
00:33 ReytheGreat if anything I've probably let him know who's inactive :v
00:34 @Tywin_Lannister 100 tech doesnt cost much lol if you send it with the money from another tech deal its easy
00:34 ReytheGreat but that's a full aid slot :'(
00:36 Yuurei Jeez Rey, what was your NS when this started?
00:36 @Tywin_Lannister -_-
00:36 @Tywin_Lannister Yuurei wasnt even gonna let you slide bro
00:36 @Tywin_Lannister and you still have to talk to TDO
00:39 ReytheGreat like 15k
00:39 @Tywin_Lannister if you werent applying for NSO I woudlnt have tried to help
00:39 @Tywin_Lannister 09swraQ
00:41 Yuurei This nation is a reroll?
00:54 Yuurei As a sign of good faith, I just had TDO peace you out
00:54 ReytheGreat the guy I hit isn't even active
00:54 ReytheGreat holy shit wow
00:54 ReytheGreat he was just not fighting back lol
00:56 Yuurei I still have you staggered...I can get others on you if you'd prefer
00:57 ReytheGreat "staggered"
00:57 ReytheGreat I staggered myself
00:58 ReytheGreat Zulu is the only stagger that I have not imposed upon myself
00:58 Yuurei Yes...but you are held regardless of who initiated
00:58 ReytheGreat you make it sound as if your alliance has been the one causing damage
00:59 ReytheGreat this round there was one TDO nation and two Zulu nations that sent attacks
00:59 @Tywin_Lannister dude, rey, you will not get into NSO until you do your part
00:59 @Tywin_Lannister send yuurei the tech
00:59 @Tywin_Lannister no one else in MQ is getting nearly a good a deal as this
01:00 ReytheGreat have you seen the people getting white peace or
01:00 Yuurei Yes, I negotiated many of their exits
01:01 @Tywin_Lannister you dont even want peace do you
01:01 @Tywin_Lannister youre just looking for more drama
01:01 @Tywin_Lannister if you dont comply, I'm going to redeclare and ensure you do not set foot in NSO
01:02 @Tywin_Lannister NSO specifically asked me for my assistance
01:02 ReytheGreat xfd
01:02 ReytheGreat I'm not trying to create drama
01:02 @Tywin_Lannister then agree to send the damn tech
01:02 ReytheGreat there is no need to pay reparations to an alliance who had one guy nuked me
01:02 ReytheGreat then had negligible damage
01:02 ReytheGreat fairly sure I could make more TTE nations quit than they could destroy infra units
01:03 @Tywin_Lannister yes, and we'd all rather avoid the headache involved
01:03 @Tywin_Lannister although for different reasons than you know
01:04 ReytheGreat well ok
01:04 ReytheGreat avoid the headache
01:05 @Tywin_Lannister I'm going to leave it to yuurei
01:05 @Tywin_Lannister Im just a facilitator
01:07 @Tywin_Lannister the tech was my idea
01:18 @Tywin_Lannister alright I'm logging off, you guys can work it out
01:22 Tywin_Lannister [Mibbit@NOPE] has quit IRC
Session Close: Sat Oct 05 01:29:44 2013[/spoiler]

These logs are not posted as a sign of disrespect, but as a result of blatant disrespect and lies being spread. In summation, fuck off Tywin, I gots mine.

This post is not condoned by NSO leadership, and reflects the opinion of one (1) Neo Uruk/Rey the Great, not the Sith.

Edited by Neo Uruk
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Top Posters In This Topic

And you think you are credible to anyone relevant after lying about Los Pollos Hermanos declaring war?

I didn't "lie". You can clearly see wars were declared by active membership.

Throw a buncha tards into a barrel and watch them duke it out

Alliance Name:Kashmir
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1. You falsely declared war on behalf of LPH a few days in.

2. Varianz of NSO approached me asking me to grant your peace. As an NSO founder, and because of his politeness, I agreed.

3. You were throwing a huge fit about how horrible the war was for your nation. Too bad I generally don't save logs, but then again, I don't share private logs. That's why people trust me and not you.

4. You received peace from myself, Ubuntu and TDO. Only one TTE nation you raided remained.

5. I wanted TTE to get something for their mercy and role in facilitating your release from TDO, so I suggested 100 tech. You refused and insulted TTE, and you threatened to call in NSO.

6. You got away with it, solely because of TTE's poor treaty ties, and you and NSO govt were very poor sports, and taunted and insulted us with your newfound bravado.


Prediction: When this newest source of drama for you runs dry you are going to turn on NSO.

Edited by Tywin Lannister
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2. Varianz of NSO approached me asking me to grant your peace. As an NSO founder, and because of his politeness, I agreed.

Varianz isn't high gov, nor does this statement say that he begged you to make up some random bullshit rep payment.

3. You were throwing a huge fit about how horrible the war was for your nation. Too bad I generally don't save logs, but then again, I don't share private logs. That's why people trust me and not you.

The logs posted disagree with you ;) Why can't you just accept that you're wrong and stop bullshitting?
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I wouldn't expect you to release your own logs which would show how much of a crybaby you were. I like drama like everyone else, but there comes a point when the horse's corpse has been whipped enough. Time to find some new drama material, I'm sure there will be plenty with winter coming.



Edited by Tywin Lannister
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I recall you bringing it up fairly frequently, so there's the fact that you're trying to slander me. There's also the fact that you can't read, judging by the first sentence there.

Also, stop abusing the winter metaphor. It's been done to death over the past three years.

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I didn't think you would.


You know, it's about not making myself look like a fool to the alliance I just joined, and them as well. Well, I guess you don't know, since you've been making HB look bad since you starting with the MK conspiracy theories.


I'll look you up another time, you'll always have a nice spot on my saved nation's page <3

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