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Assorted Darkfall Announcements


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The fine members of Darkfall have a long standing theory about posting on the OWF. We think it is a waste of time. With that being said there are some exceptions to our rule of ignoring these forums. Once in a blue moon something so spectacular occurs that we must inform the rest of the community. Or, I have some time to kill and make a post to remind people that we still exist while posting some information 99% of you will not care about. This is post falls into the second category.

After a long election cycle and a period of debate lasting from roughly 9:30 this morning to 9:35 this morning, the fine members of Darkfall have agreed upon a new government. Please join me in welcoming the Summer 2011 until ???? government of Darkfall...

[center][b]God King and Sex Symbol of Darkfall:[/b]Daikos

[b]Lord and High Impregnator:[/b] CaptainCrackers

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs:[/b] Darklordtim

[b]Minister of Interior:[/b] Martikora

[b]Minister of Finance:[/b] Mneh

[b]Minister of Recruitment:[/b] Flatzibar[/center]

It also brings me great pleasure to announce that, despite our best efforts, we have passed the 1 mil nation strength milestone. Based on current projections we can safely assume we will be passing the 2 mil nation strength mark sometime in 2013.


With the promotion of Darklordtim from Honorary to full time member we have a vacancy open in our elite honorary program. Since I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that I deprived Chief and Xander the ability to have a threesome with another honorary, it is with great something that I welcome JohnnyApocalypse into our honorary member program. Branding and initiation will be held tonight at 11:13pm eastern time. All are invited to attend. As is custom let us all now dine on the cake of celebration.


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