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An Official Announcement from the Random Insanity Alliance

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With the conclusion of the RIA's most recent election, we see several different changes. Bluestrike will be taking over for Leo as Head of Foreign Affairs. C-zom will be returning to RIA government and taking over for Croix as our new Head of Internal Affairs, and Shadow Slayer will be taking over for Mogar as Head of Recruitment. As for returning government members, Delta1212 will be returning for his eighth 6-month term as Triumvir. In the Cabinet, Jenne will be returning for his third 2-month term as Head of Military Operations, while cctmsp13 will be returning for his 17.75th Term as Head of Economics. The almighty Rainbow Sheep swept through the Captain Planet elections attaining an easy victory over his five challengers and Snowbound Milk, coming in second place, has been appointed his representative as Captain Planet as the Rainbow Sheep is too busy with his Sheeply duties to assume the difficult role of Captain Planet. Also in this election, long time RIAer aithne was nominated and elected as the RIA's new HotDoG or Head of the Department of Girls.

Final Results
Triumvir: Delta1212
Head of Economics (HoE): cctmsp13
Head of Foreign Affaris (HoFA): Bluestrike
Head of Internal Affairs (HoIA): C-zom
Head of Military Operations (HoMO): Jenne
Head of Recruitment (HoR): Shadow Slayer
Captain Planet (CP): [img]http://rialliance.net/Smileys/default/rainbowsheep.gif[/img] represented by Snowbound Milk
Head of the Department of Girls (HotDoG): aithne


[center][size=1]Subliminal Advertising![/size] [size=4]We want you! Join the RIA today![/size][/center]

[b][u]RIA Government - August/September 2011[/u][/b]

[u]Triumvirate VII[/u]
Delta1212 - im317 - Shadow

[u]Cabinet XLV[/u]
Head of Economics: cctmsp13
Head of Foreign Affaris: Bluestrike
Head of Internal Affairs: C-zom
Head of Military Operations: Jenne
Head of Recruitment: Shadow Slayer

[u]29th Captain Planet[/u]
Snowbound Milk



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...is that Thom York dancing with a bear?

[OOC] my girlfriend posted that exact picture on my wall like 4 hours ago [/OOC]

Edit: Congratulations to all elected etc. etc.

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[quote name='im317' timestamp='1312173580' post='2768891']
please give a warm welcome back to RIA government for C-Zom. congrats to Bluestrike on a well deserved victory.

as for the rest of you only 2 more months until you can maybe get me out of gov :P
brace for epic Trium campaigns.

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[quote name='erikz' timestamp='1312187615' post='2769017']
No SOS cancellation?

I am disappoint.

I bet. Hopefully RIA doesn't do it so you can't roll SOS for no reason. That is the plan ya know.

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