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TLR / The Legion Joint Announcement

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[center][img] http://i942.photobucket.com/albums/ad263/Jharius_II/Flag15.png[/img]
[img] http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s45/kansasrules/LegionFlag.png[/img]
[b][u]The “Where Eagles Dare” accords[/b][/u][/SIZE]


[LEFT]The Legion has offered The Last Republic (TLR) its protection since it was formed. In that time, the membership of both alliances have forged strong friendships, and although TLR has not been obliged to fight with The Legion, it proved its self a worthy ally in doing so. TLR has now grown, and is ready to stand as a Sovereign Alliance. In the spirit of friendship TLR’s independence from The Legion’s protectorate status is announced and acknowledged, but the friendships that have formed are being maintained in the form of this treaty.[/LEFT]

[b]I Independence[/b]

[LEFT]The Last Republic and The Legion recognise one another as sovereign alliances. In the spirit of friendship their members will treat one another with courtesy and respect.

Any disagreements will be resolved through private diplomatic channels. Each alliance agrees to maintain an Embassy and provide an Ambassador to the other.[/LEFT]

[b]II Non Aggression, and the sharing of Intelligence[/b]

[LEFT]Both parties will act in a manner, which does not threaten the other. Neither party will engage in any hostile action toward the other, which may include declarations of war, spying, or the support of a third party enemy alliance or state through the provision of military, finance or trade.

If either party becomes aware of intelligence or information which would be useful to the other party, including (but not limited to) the likely need of military assistance, they agree to communicate it by private channels as soon as practicable, and in any event within 24 hours.
[b]III Mutual Defence[/b]

[LEFT]Both parties agree to defend and aid one another in times of war when requested by the other party. Should either of the parties be attacked by any third party, the other is required to promptly come to its assistance upon request with its full strength and resources.

Upon request, the other alliance should enter the conflict as soon as practicable, and in any event not later than update time on the night following the request, unless a longer timescale is mutually agreed. Both alliances will fully communicate regarding target selection.

In the event that either signatory to this agreement holds a conflicting treaty with another alliance, the participation in military action against that alliance will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In the unlikely event that either alliance is unable to provide military assistance due to third party treaties, it will assist the other financially to re-build upon termination of hostilities.[/LEFT]

[b]IV Mutual Aggression[/b]

[LEFT]If either alliance intends to undertake an aggressive military action against a third-party, it shall communicate this information to the other through private diplomatic channels promptly. The other alliance is not obliged to provide military support in these circumstances, but this treaty provides full legal justification to participate on a voluntary basis.
[b]V Cancellation[/b]

[LEFT]If either party wishes to cancel this agreement, it shall offer the other a minimum of 72 hours notice by private diplomatic channels. During this time all clauses shall remain in effect. Following the expiry of the 72 hours, neither party will declare war on the other for a further 7 days.

[u]Signed for The Legion:[/u]

/s/ Totem - Imperator
/s/ Alexander Kerensky - Proconsul
/s/ Regent Pancras - Minister of Foreign Affairs
/s/ Killer04 - Minister of Defense
/s/ Melted Lazerz - Minister of Economics
/s/ Dendarii Federation - Minister of Internal Affairs

[u]Signed for The Last Republic:[/u]

President of Council and Secretary of Foreign Affairs - sojourner
General of The Republican Guard - Rustikus
Secretary of Internal Affairs - Edward Reed
Secretary of Development – StockHunter[/LEFT]

Edited by Master Holton
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[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1309812361' post='2748591']
Not exactly sure how Legion is supposed to have protectorates or allies when it can't even protect itself, but good luck to TLR nonetheless.
Pretty much this.

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[quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1309812361' post='2748591']
Not exactly sure how Legion is supposed to have protectorates or allies when it can't even protect itself, but good luck to TLR nonetheless.

Damn, that's what I came to say :/

I suppose TLR do have WAPA though, so they're not completely screwed.

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[quote name='sojourner' timestamp='1309812724' post='2748611']
Before the joke is told way too many times...
check the signatures...and thank you for your cooperation.
[color="#0000FF"]So, you're protecting Legion then? That makes more sense.[/color]

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[quote name='Vol Navy' timestamp='1309812652' post='2748604']
The Last Remnants have signed with Legion?? Holy hell the world is turning upside down.

The Last Republic has always been TLR. The Last Remnants made their alliance months after we did and keep trying to bully us out of using our acronym.

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