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LSF May Day Speech 2011

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[size="4"][color="#FF0000"]Brothers and sisters[/color]!
Today is an important day for both all the leftist alliances and the [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color]!
May Day of 2011 for the [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color] marks our 5th anniversary as an alliance and we have stood the test of time along side our friends in CyberNations. Through many wars and trials this alliance has remained alive and strong after half a decade, as we are the oldest and 2nd strongest leftist alliance still!

Since our fateful day 5 years ago after the collapse of ICSN, [i]Haraldur[/i], laid the framework for our alliance that still remains to this day on the founding principles of Libertarian-Socialism. We believe strongly that is it through our ideals of direct-democracy and horizontalism that it has given the nations within the [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color] its absolute freedom and in return, its loyalty. It has not been without many losses over the years though, that we have been able to stand strong together, not as many nations, but as one nation. The [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color]!

All Nations, old and new, who join our alliance in the fight for social justice on CyberNations will always have a home in the [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color]!

As for the rest of the leftist alliances here, today is the day we celebrate the workers and the people, you know who you are!

[b]INT – UCR – NEAT – [color="#FF0000"]LSF[/color] – PFJ – SWF[/b]


Visit the LSF's Wiki page [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Libertarian_Socialist_Federation"]HERE![/url]

Join our alliance or support us by visiting our forum [url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/LSF/"]HERE![/url][/size]



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I must say that the Libertarian Socialist Federation continues to be one of the most respectable alliances within Cyber Nations; not prone to irresponsible behavior and acts of insane stupidity. I do certainly congratulate your alliance on five years of existence.

Continue your current path and behavior; you will be just fine.

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