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Knights of the Round Table


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Please playith the following as thy read fourth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOfNw6tz1dc&feature=related

True of heart, Knights of the Round Table, a previous tattered and worn alliance that was forced the scut of demise last winter, here by declare the dawning of a new glory and fourth comming of a great day of age. KoRT, with this statment, hasith officially reformed! The king hasith returned to his throne, the grail has been found, and thy royal charter rewritten:

[INDENT]The Knights of the Round Table liken themselves rooted in striving for Strength, Prosperity, Dedication, Chivalry, and Education for the masses in a way unparalleled across the Cyber verse, from its highest nobles to its wretched swine. To be a member of the Round Table is to be a shining beacon of the aspects listed above in an otherwise unruly digital cosmos. [/INDENT]

[U][B]Thy Majesty’s Government:[/B][/U]
[INDENT]There are three branches of the Government: thy Majesty, the Round Table and the Chamber of Nobles. Each branch’s vote holds the same weight and no one branch holds superiority. If two branches votes clash, the branch not included in the conflict will be brought in to come to a final solution. [/INDENT]

[U][B]Government Positions: [/B] [/U]
[INDENT][B]King [/B] - Leader of the alliance, may make any decree upon his own accord. His majesty may only be demoted upon an official vote in which the chamber of nobles and Round Table agree to it. The King is in charge of appointing and demoting Knights and the Merlin.
[B]Merlin [/B] - Head of the Round Table, and helps overview all other alliance departments. Will take over the Kings position in his absence or in the event he is demoted. The Merlin sits at the head of the Round Table, should there ever be a stalemate in a vote within the Round Table the Merlin makes the final decision.
[B]Popular Peasant [/B] - Acts as the aid to the Merlin. His vote, if there is ever a stalemate upon a decision in the Chamber of Nobles, will be the deciding factor in the matter and is elected by the Chamber of Nobles once every two months by democratic vote.
[B]The Chamber of Nobles [/B] - Made up of all the heads of the departments. No heads’ vote holds more power than another head's vote in the Chamber of Nobles. A vote is official once three heads agree to it.
[B]Marshall [/B] - In charge of Military in the Alliance and Raiding.
[b]Chancellor[/b]- in charge of all foreign affairs.
[B]Seneschal [/B] - In charge of all Internal Affairs and Recruitment.
[B]Bursar [/B] - In charge of all Tech, Trade, and Aid transactions.
[B]Squires [/B] - An aid to the head of his department, is there to lighten the burden of the Knight, and keep things running efficiently. Knights elect their Squires and other under position holders. However, this may be over ruled by the soul decree of thee King himself.
[B]Knights[/B]- Any member who has belonged to The Knights of the Round Table alliance for over three months and completes a quest, or by a vote of the three branches of government successfully, achieves this title.
[B]Round Table [/B] - Consist of all the Knights. A vote made by Round Table can repeal a decree or decision made. A vote is official once two thirds rounded down if necessary, of the Knights agree.
[B]Constable of the Regiments [/B] - In charge of one regiment each (30 members each).
[B]Village Elder [/B] - in charge of overseeing the quests of the members of his village and is elected by the Round Table once every 6 months. He must make sure that each quest, although not impossibly hard, is definitely a goal the villager must work for, the quest must all benefit the realm. To be elected a Village Elder they must have been knighted.
[U][B]Logistics [/B][/U]
[INDENT]KoRT has no official colour, as the Knights of the Round Table displayed masses of different colours upon their ornate shields and armour for their family crest. Although for efficiency, KoRT deals with all trade circles in the black sphere.

Any member may apply to KoRT, although for acceptance, you must:
[INDENT]1. Have no wars, or to sort out any current wars.
2. Have an account on The Knights of the Round Table’s forum, cn-knights.org.
3. Report any debts or issues with other alliances.
4. Put time and effort into the alliance and help it grow.
5. Post an application on the forum and set the Alliance Affiliation to Round Table Applicant
6. Put “Protected by AzN” in the nation bio. [/INDENT]

Applicants are expected to behave in the same manner as a regular member and by applying, are agreeing to follow all laws stated in this charter.
In addition, by taking up the alliance affiliation of: “Knights of the Round Table” they are agreeing:
[INDENT]1. Not to disclose any information that could prove harmful to KoRT if exposed.
2. That they must familiarise themselves with the charter and laws of the Knights.
3. That they will not commit acts of aggression against fellow members or allies.[/INDENT]

Anything regarding a merger or disbandment will be posted to the whole alliance, and all agreements will be posted on the Cyber Nations Forum, along with any concerned alliance’s forum. The King, Merlin, and all the Knights must agree to a signing of a treaty, bloc or a decision regarding the whole alliance.
If a member resigns from The Knights of the Round Table, he or she must consult the aid department about any aid that they have accepted and if it is still an active agreement. He or she must also post a resignation explaining why they is leaving and must leave the Knights of the Round Table alliance affiliation immediately. After five days, they will be regarded as a ghost. Ghosts will not be tolerated and will be treated as hostile.

[U][B]Raiding and War [/B]:[/U]
[INDENT]Raiding is strictly illegal; KoRT will not stand for. No member may attack any other nation without the consent of the Knight of Order, The Squire of Order, A Steward of a Regiment, the King, or the Merlin. Any and every attack report must be reported in the militia forum and any spy information and battle reports posted. If a member is approached with information concerning another alliance or any other classified information, the member must immediately inform the Merlin or King. If provoked or a justifiable reason is formed, The Knights will attack and will allow Nuclear Missiles. If war aid is required they must head to the Aid Department.[/INDENT]

[U][B]Quests [/B][/U]
Knights throughout history have had to persevere the harshest of situations in name of the holy quest! In the Knights of The Round Table Alliance, the best way to get involved in the government is by completing a quest. A right of passage if you will.

In order to do a quest, one must go into the assigned village forum and post your quest idea. It must be something beneficial for the alliance, and a goal that is not too easily obtained, something you must work for. The village elder will either give your quest approval, rejection, or help you revise it. Once the Village Elder’s approval is granted, the villager will work towards his goal posting updates and evidence for success of his quest. Once it is completed, he will be knighted. The quest may be an on-going project and any powers or manpower the quester needs will need to be posted and will be supplied to the best of the Village Elder’s abilities.

[U][B]Forum Efficiency [/B][/U]
The Knights of the Round Table are a great alliance full of chivalry and prosperity. However, it is for everyone’s benefit that the forums are to be kept as efficient as possible. When posting you must make sure you are in the right area, if you cannot figure it out, ask someone. Posts will be moved and deleted in order to meet this efficiency. Posts will only be edited in the face that they endanger the alliance, its members or are found [I]highly [/I]: insulting, unruly, or inappropriate.

[U][B]Amendments [/B]:[/U]
[INDENT]Any amendments to the charter may only be amended with consent from at least two thirds of branches of government agreeing to it.[/INDENT]

[SIZE="2"][I]This constitution is law and violations will be punishable by whatever the Round Table deems fit.

Please come visit: http://cn-knights.org/ and visit #knights on ColdFront :)




Hernando Pizzaro

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This will go [i]so[/i] far. :rolleyes:

At least you changed the "pheasant" to "peasant" and made it a half-decent charter with half-decent government titles..I mean, Knight of Order doesn't really sound all that militaristic now, does it?

Amazon, I wish you luck, but I don't see this becoming a success.

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First thought:

Good luck I suppose

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I'm British so never heard of them.

[quote]Amazon, I wish you luck, but I don't see this becoming a success. [/quote]

I hope to prove you wrong.

[quote]You'll need to master the Mimic materia twice or the Emerald Weapon will still give you problems. [/quote]

You just make me confused :D

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I'm British so never heard of them.

[quote]Amazon, I wish you luck, but I don't see this becoming a success. [/quote]

I hope to prove you wrong.

[quote]You'll need to master the Mimic materia twice or the Emerald Weapon will still give you problems. [/quote]

You just make me confused :D

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