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  1. I love you, Deinos. I will always love you. [b]Deeply.[/b]
  2. Gad danged old men. YOU'RE SHOOTING THE WRONG WAY! Turn around!
  3. Not only are they in the top ten, they own it now!
  4. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1358636343' post='3080321'] Words cannot express the joy in knowing that you and your ilk are on your way out the door as we speak. Might we one day have standards of intellect to rule over the land once more. [/quote] How the actual crap is anybody supposed to read your posts about intellect and take them seriously? [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-1668.png?_r=0[/img]
  5. [quote name='Brehon' timestamp='1358644982' post='3080449'] It war. [/quote] War do.
  6. [quote name='Tom Riddle' timestamp='1358559403' post='3079259'] It's true. And your leadership has just brainwashed you into thinking Umbrella is a unstoppable military machine. It's not. Half your alliance will desert you int he first month because of poor leadership and humiliating defeats. [/quote] This is your coalition, AI. This is how they think. These are the members they accept. Nice friends.
  7. [quote name='Tom Riddle' timestamp='1358558835' post='3079219'] Not overly dramatic. Umbrella will be at least under 30 nations by the end of this. [/quote] All worth it for this post right here.
  8. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1358556707' post='3079072'] So you are going to attack allies of your allies because of your mistake? Well....you guys have always seemed to have your heads up your arses so that move wouldn't surprise me. [/quote] hahaha AirMe No. The first part was for you. The second part was for the bad men attacking us.
  9. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1358556163' post='3079037'] It's about time someone called Umbrella on their crap. Sadly, this is probably taking me down with them. [/quote] Whattid I do? These last 2 years of filling as many aid slots as possible are now all worth it. You'll be the first to feel our true power. Hope you didn't bite off more than you can chew.
  10. Seriously man, that hurt. You have so much tech. None of my GAs have been successful and then you go and take 600 of my lands. I don't have that many lands for you to take!
  11. [quote name='LexLuthor18' timestamp='1357880526' post='3074561'] All of you, from the government all the way down to the foot-soldiers are a bunch of candy asses. you get your asses kicked you hide behind the skirts of MK and Umbrella (yea I said it). [/quote] [img]http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/198/010/tysonreaction.gif[/img] Dang, bro. Cancelling GOONS
  12. [quote name='LexLuthor18' timestamp='1357860185' post='3074184'] Nobody cares [/quote] Who are you? Glad to see our friends acting sensibly.
  13. [quote name='vandelsand' timestamp='1357728776' post='3073182'] VE who? [/quote] GOOD ONE
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