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I love you cgb from skippy


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Today the alliances of LoSS, iFOK, SLCB, Hydra and TIO have agreed to peace.

The following terms were agreed to by all parties.

1) TIO agrees to peace out with iFOK, SLCB and Hydra. TIO also agrees to not re-enter the conflict on the NpO – VE front or the NPO – DH front.
2) Hydra and LoSS agree to mutual whitepeace.

Signed for The Imperial Order
Skippy, the Glorious Imperial High Commander of Amazing Glorious Glory of Outback Australia, Destroyer of Worlds, Crazy Australian, Member of the Carlos Accords and Excessive Title Extraordinaire
Executive Imperial Commander: Sup4l33t3ki11a
Imperial Internal Commander: Scorponok
Imperial External Commander: Dave93
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Scipio Africanus
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: Stagger Lee
Imperial Officer of Defence: Tarikmo3rd
Imperial Officers of Finance: Draeg, Pershire
Imperial Officer of Membership Affairs: Z3000

Signed for the League of Small Superpowers
LoSS triumvirate
Co God Ben
Desert Ratz

Signed for Hydra
Jacapo, Imperator
Toddler, Minister of Internal Affairs
Sexysauce, Minister of Finance
Lord Bludd, Official Babysitter of Toddler
Mr. Teets, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Petar, Senator
TCTriangle, Senator
Lord Hershey, Senator
Joshsname, Official Signer of Peace Treaties
Kn1nJa Official Vice-Imperator

Signed for iFOK
Raman Mew Mew

Signed for SLCB
Goby the rancid
Faust the slippery
Schrodinger the precipitate

PS: yes the banner is small, deal with it.

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To the Hydra nations that I fought personally you guys have nothing to be ashamed of, you gave it your all in the circumstances that you were dealt. I respect the fact that you fought hard and wish you well in your rebuilding efforts.

0/ Peace on this front!
0/ Synergy
0/ Hydra

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[quote name='Believland' timestamp='1297047621' post='2623039']
Wow these peace terms have been extremely lenient.

When will people realize that the real terms will start to come when the core alliances begin to fall?

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[quote name='The MVP' timestamp='1297048444' post='2623063']
When will people realize that the real terms will start to come when the core alliances begin to fall?

I realize that. It's better than having honourable allies get slammed with reps.

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