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Nutty North Korean Announcement

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As many of you know, North Korea is perhaps the greatest country in existence. We have all the modern benefits that you'd come to expect from a high class nation: grass, a tasteful selection of breath mints, and even doors. But North Korea is so much more than just its bells and whistles, it is down right pleasant. Hear what these satisfied customers have to say about North Korea:

"If I had to choose between North Korea, and jumping off a bridge, I'd probably choose North Korea."
- Jim

"I love North Korea... please, can I go home now?"
- Sally

"North Korea is my - what's this word say? Ah, favourite."
- Bill

Whenever completely unscripted, unforced and uncoerced testimonies are heard by completely random, unrehearsed people, you know it must be good.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Because today, North Korea has hit a milestone. We've reached 250 members and 7,500,000 Nation Strength. Unfortunately, in a freak accident, 232 of our members and 7,350,000 of our Nation Strength was hit by a car while coming home from the pub. And the only reason you didn't see us sanctioned was because we're a bit of a wallflower at parties. You probably didn't notice us. But they were there. And I'd like you all to take a moment of silence from your loud reading to remember the hundreds lost in that freak car crash.

To send out their condolences for the loss of 93% of our members, [u]Menotah and NNK have decided to sign an ODP.[/u] Yep, it's that binding treaty where if one of us gets attacked, the other can defend us if they want to. We also promised not to insult each other and commit espionage, because if it isn't outlined in a treaty, we're definitely going to do all that stuff.

Stop! Have you saved power today?

No? Do it now!


Just letting you know we're still here, and we haven't drifted off into the ether just yet. Have a North Korific evening, everyone. And remember:


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[quote name='Pikachujc' date='06 June 2010 - 09:24 AM' timestamp='1275830640' post='2326243']
Looks like I'm the first NNK to reply.
Approved :D
Pika, I heard you and Vesta tied up the much more reasonable Pimpleman and shot a torpedo at your neighbors to the south? Care to comment?

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No Sea-of-fire
No Songun Way
No Bark Recipes
No Field Leadership


Still there was quality artwork.
Revision under-the-gun.


You know... Rapid Attack Batallion might be a good name for an alliance.
Any Purpa Commies in deh house?

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Just to confirm, despite not actually having a treaty on paper, Menotah and NNK have an ODP. In efforts to stop global warming, we infact have an invisible but binding ODP.

And we also give our condolences for the lost members. I'll make sure I tell Fireblade that driving his bus while drunk is bad.

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[quote]I frown upon this announcement. Just look at that flag, the 2nd person.


And change that flag..[/quote]

That's not our flag, that's our banner.

This is our flag:


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[quote name='kpcurley' date='06 June 2010 - 06:04 PM' timestamp='1275865438' post='2326912']
This announcement was way to serious for my taste. Congrats on the growth and ensuing tragedy. Serves you right for baning bacon in your alliance.

Bacon will always be banned! Its effect on the circulatory system is unforgivable by the Dear Leader!

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Kim Il Sung, the Glorious Leader of Choson, smiles upon those who belong to the NNK for this announcement as shown in this piece of propaganda from Choson.

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I expect something interesting from this alliance. Do not disappoint. Although with Justin B. having a spot on your flag.....this leads me to believe I should expect failure.

Good Luck NNK.

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