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  1. Mother of god, what are you all still doing here?
  2. Unquantifiable and perfect hegemony is quite a sight for sore eyes in these elder days
  3. It's great how war always brings out the old farts from the retirement homes.
  4. Das has always been an old legend in our world. She was an old legend even when I joined in June of 2006. It is certainly a sign of the times to know she is gone, but it is in solace to know that all statues crumble one day, no matter how old and meaningful.
  5. [quote]59. You think drawing a MDP web for RL relationships is a damn good idea[/quote] You have no idea how bad of an idea this was
  6. I'd sign with New Frontier. Only New Frontier. It's worked for me before, it'd work for me again.
  7. [quote name='PorkPotPie' timestamp='1296795867' post='2618905'] Uh... I'm pretty sure they aren't 'Custom 1', 'Custom 2', etc. anymore. Now they're actually named what they are. [/quote] Ohey, sweet.
  8. Team forums were the best because they promoted heavy team unity. GGA and GPA had a really big green culture because of those forums, and that's where Prodigal Chieftain did a lot of his jabbering. They were highly unnecessary and a lot of work to upkeep, but damn if they weren't one of the best things this game had to offer.
  9. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1296509896' post='2613414'] I miss the usual declarations of neutrality that used to get issued whenever the world was blowing itself up. [/quote] With the amount of how much people get insulted left and right for the littlest thing, posting a declaration of neutrality is one of the biggest opportunities to get insulted. Why? Because people want to !@#$%* about every single topic existing.
  10. [quote name='ironchef' timestamp='1296283842' post='2609087'] And for Standing by your convictions you get a big bag of snicklefritz [/quote] [i]I absolutely need some[/i]
  11. Anarchy is the only real government type, imo. I'm glad the majority of the world agrees.
  12. [quote name='Tungsten' timestamp='1295997619' post='2601179'] Page one handjob? Stroke Stroke Stroke Stroke Stroke Stroke And boom goes the dynamite. [/quote] Thank you for your insightful response to the conversation at hand.
  13. I didn't actually realize the name of this thread was changed. Oopsies~
  14. Ugh, is this seriously being classified as a single war by the game administration too? Sad.
  15. This is indeed a separate war. Let's see some propaganda!
  16. You speak truths in waves, Comrade. o/
  17. [quote name='Qaianna' timestamp='1295938287' post='2599295'] If you don't care anymore, why destroy that which others care for? Many times in my childhood, I would try to play games with my family. Those games would end when one party stopped caring. When the rules and the play money meant nothing. Politics is at times called a great game among nations, but with real soldiers instead of chessmen. If that's the case, I hate to see what happens when the 'smash the board' clique really takes hold. [/quote] Your words resonate with me, old friend.
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