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  1. It's almost like you and others just can't read well. But hearing the whinging, gnashing of teeth and the sobs is quite humorous.
  2. Wasn't meant to be an insult, was merely an observation of the performance of your alliance during this war.
  3. Don't take what I say as GOONS leadership direction. And is my house on fire because Legion is actually doing something about it? Hardly. Legion has to be one of the most scaredy-cat alliances out there.
  4. We'll still destroy you... It's up to you on how fast that happens.
  5. How can we destroy everything when everyone hides in peace mode?
  6. How exactly does Lam fall into all that? Plus, instead of posting stuff that Old GOONS did, how about posting stuff that we've done that even comes close to those things?
  7. Oh, that's right, you just talk big. Thanks, but we don't need you among our ranks.
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