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  1. Mother of god, what are you all still doing here?
  2. Dementual

    Old MDP Webs

    The good old days, amirite oldies?
  3. This man speaks wisdom
  4. Dementual

    Aut Callout

    Oh for Christ's sake just fight him already Penkala
  5. Rebel Virginia is a necessity to the healthy existence of Planet Bob.
  6. I had the same experience at around 1AM last night at a Taco Bell. Maybe they're doing this at a lot of places.
  7. It isn't stalking if it's wanted.

  8. I want to make babies with you!

  9. Cruel Regular smoking cigaro cigaro

  10. hating puppies is immoral put this in your sig if you're down

  11. wants some hot and enjoyable things to happen on CN; awww yeah.

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