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Peace itt


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Dear internet,

No matter how fun systematical beatings and nuclear holocaust are, at some point, it has to come to an end. Usually it doesn't happen after four days or so, but

I guess it's fine this way too. So, after approximately a day of desperately looking for folks to contact, a peace agreement has been reached between the Stickmen and the alliances fighting against them in defense of the New Polar Order or because they actually were the New Polar Order. All participants agreed on white peace, and thus there will be no terms whatsoever. As most bloodbaths, it was rather swell and our opponents really proved themselves to be rather formidable foes, and representing all of the Stickmen here, I thank you. May we meet again, somewhere, somehow. Preferrably with less destruction of infrastructure and more warm cups of hot chocolate involved but meh, everything goes.


on behalf of the Finnish Cooperation Organization

Iosif Moldov, the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs and the entirity of Commissionary Council

on behalf of the iFOK! Alliance

Bartimaeus46, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

ikMark, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

MikeTheFirst, Triumvir of General Affairs

on behalf of the Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes






on behalf of the New Polar Order

AlmightyGrub - Emperor, New Polar Order

on behalf of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor

Uhtred of Norse, Chancellor

Consilium Tigris:

Pezstar of Pezstaria

Bzelger of League of Dunces

Jyrinx of Aquitaine

Logan Alexander of Rakari

Hiyouuk of TigerBaby

on behalf of the Federation of Allied Republics

Fernando12, Stealingpandas, Luda - Triumvirate

Sir Exodus - Minister of Foreign Affairs

DarkReaver724 - Minister of Defense

Irishninja - Minister of Finance

on behalf of the United Sovereign Nations

Alliance Council:

Cora Mcstrap (AKA Fluffyewunga)



High Council:

Security General: Borimir Resurrected

Minister of Recruitment: rylejed

Minister of Internal Affairs: Vladisvok Destino

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Emperor Keith

Minister of Economics: Cracken

on behalf of The Killer Turtle Brigade

James Maximus, Turtle Overlord

ditchboy00, Grand Turtle

DogsOfWar, Ninja Turtle of War

JewelAngel, Ninja Turtle of Foreign Affairs

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Great to have peace.

Proud of the way my fellow members fought.

Proud to have stood with our allies The New Polar Order.

Proud to have fought alongside STA, USN, and TKTB.

And also a shout out goes to FCO for a war well fought.

Take care everyone :)

first :P

Edited by Fernando12
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Meh I feel cheated I am 31k casualties away from 1 million deaths...:ehm:

I'll toss you a free nuke to make y'all happy ok ;) *course I'm in dreaded PM so you have to find another generous kitty to help*

Congrats to Peacing Alliances.. may your casualty counts be higher, your nations greener and your appetites sated... :P


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