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  1. Not the best show ever, but enjoyable nonetheless. It would be nice to see an extra guest next time who's in the center of CN news, so that you'll have something to talk about.
  2. Wow, such a lot of nonsense in this blogpost. Speaking about people jumping AA's, didn't your leader leave NpO to fight for Rok?
  3. Well, you're wrong. I have logs ofc, but I'm not going to c/p out of a private channel here. I don't like being called a liar, D34th.
  4. I will remember that reply for when you're comparing two completely different situations on the OWF.
  5. The UPN situation was completely different: a. they didn't have to directly engage friends and more important b. they ignored a MDAP.
  6. Wow, you're a bad troll. You talk about so-called evidence and conveniently forget to mention all the facts that brought us to this point. NEW decided to pick a fight with one of our other allies (FARK). Maybe some mistakes were made, but mistakes can be fixed, so everyone tried to resolve the situation. NEW wasn't interested in solving it and wanted to fight, so two of our allies went to war. From there, it was a lose-lose situation. Any decision would've been ridiculed by one side of the web and probably some on the OWF would've ridiculed it either way, just because they like to troll. We then tried to contain the situation and make sure no other parties would enter this war. According to NEW, they told FEAR and WFF to stay out too. But I'm not surprised they went in anyway...what do they have to lose? They don't have to fight other allies. It looks like you forgot to mention that scenario, btw. I'm not e-lawyering my way out of this and wouldn't use the 'not activating the oA-clause' as an excuse. We love NEW but we also feel they've put us in an impossible position. We're not prepared to fight (and lose) our own friends, just because NEW feels like attacking one of their old enemies. You can say that it makes us bad allies, but most people would've said the same thing if we had ignored our allies on the other side. Like I said, a lose-lose situation.
  7. That's about it. Don't read too much into it. (And no The Big Bad, there were no tactics involved)
  8. Come on FOK! Win a game for once. Great goal by Outlander, though.
  9. It will give a lot more people access to Health Care and will cost you less in the long run, so sure.
  10. Come one, FOK, score a goal for once!
  11. iFOK ticks the same boxes as you mentioned for NSO. And we're as much a satellite alliance as NpO is from NPO.
  12. ikMark was the worst player in the FOK team...not surprising. Very nice commentary btw!
  13. You are aware that your leaders told everyone time and time again that peace mode is cowardice when they engaged alliances that used that tactic, right?
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