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The Return to an Old Achievement


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Some may say that posting twice about the same milestone is pointless, or superfluous. Perhaps it is, but for this case, I don't think so. Many things have changed in the Wolfpack since our last pronouncement of growth. We lost over 120 members during and following the Wolfpack Massacre. We have striven to regrow our burnt fields, rebuild our shattered cities, and strengthen the ties out brotherhood among our members. We entered a period or internal growth with little interaction in the world. Quietly we grew, helping each other along the way, giving freely and accepting humbly. It took patience, hard work, and a good number of drinks at our dear pub. For a time this worked well, but we began to yearn for more interaction, some fresh opinions on our forums, new friends with whom to grow. The Wolfpack strengthened its friendship with our greatest allies, FEAR, and forged new ones with UCN in the heat of battle. We became less isolated, and activity flourished. Our recruiters toiled ceaselessly, seeking out new additions to our family, and we edged closer to our goal of 100 members. As we approached this goal, however, we noticed a new objective growing, rising up just out of reach. We have sat here at just over 100 members for many a day, but finally our work has born fruit. The Wolfpack, with fewer than half the nations it contained at the previous statement of this achievement, has reached 2 million nation strength.


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