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Judgment Ressurected


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Image made by Theunknownarist at Deviantart, for the record

Another mission, the powers have called me away

Another time to carry the colors again

My motivation, an oath I've sworn to defend

To win the honor of coming back home again

No explanation will matter after we begin

Unlock the dark destroyer that's buried within

My true vocation and now my unfortunate friend

You will discover a war you're unable to win

On behalf of Judgment Resurrected I am here to deliver a message to WOLF. Judgment is only called upon when the situation arises, we have returned from the shadows to once again form as an answer to the threat that WOLF has brought to Tournament Edition. We are here to answer the call, and thus it shall be known that the alliances of Frostbite, Mostly Harmful Alliance, Fark, Lafayette Escadrille, We Are Perth Army, Common Defense Treaty and Area 51.

New Arrivals: Purple Unity and SWAT


Determination that is incorruptible

From the other side, a terror to behold

Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know

That their opponent had to be invincible

Take a last look around while you're alive

I'm an indestructible master of war!

The time has come for us to unify against WOLF. That what they ask for, they shall receive.

  • Mostly Harmful Alliance, Frostbite and Area 51 hereby declare war on the Roman Empire
  • Fark and Lafayette Escadrille hereby declare war on The Phoenix Federation
  • We Are Perth Army hereby declares war on Global Democratic Alliance
  • Black hereby declares war on SOS Brigade and Aeonic Imperium
  • Common Defense Treaty hereby declares war on The Black Hand
  • Purple Unity hereby declares war on Spartan Defence Force and The Red Guard
  • SWAT hereby declares war on The Fellowship
  • UJA hereby declares war on Spartan Defence Force

Another reason, another cause for me to fight

Another fuse uncovered now, for me to light

My dedication to all that I've sworn to protect

I carry out my orders without a regret

My declaration embedded deep under my skin

A permanent reminder of how it began

No hesitation when I am commanded to strike

You need to know that you're in for the fight of your life

A big hail goes out to every alliance involved. Including our enemies in WOLF. May the battle be with courage, honor and humility.

Disturbed-Indestructible-50x50-13235.jpg - Indestructible by Disturbed

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You had to know this was coming Tiberius.

WOLF acts like they can police TE as a whole. RE acts like they can attack whoever they please and get away with it. You've made an enemy of MHA for the last time. We have come hunting you for your attacks against us, treating the rounds as if they were never reset.

TE is a game of war that resets and rerolls every 60 days. Policies do not bridge between these times.

Harmful hereby recognizes a state of war with the Imperio Romano, the Roman Empire. We find their actions of planning a war against us something unmistakably worthy of being attacked in response for.

Judgment Hath come forth and delivered. Goodnight.

Signed, TheWolf, leader of Mostly Harmful Alliance during Round 7.

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come up with an original !@#$@#$ name, Judgement was lame then and its lame now.

i wish for once someone would just say "we're attacking you b/c you're !@#$% bags"

here elbo, I'll make you happy

We're attacking WOLF because they are D-Bags.

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