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GATO Foreign Dispatch

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Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Dispatch from the Assembly Chairman

Greetings all,

With GATO's elections nearing a close in a bit over 24 hours, I've already taken the time to give the many inhabitants of the vetted Halls of the General Assembly my final thoughts and parting words of wisdom. In the past two and a half months, I feel that GATO has made great strides as an alliance; nothing like the alliance that was once defeated by the powers of One Vision.

What I see before me is an alliance with a lot of promise and a lot of room to grow. Admittedly during my time, I haven't had the chance to get around to as many alliances as I had originally hoped, but I do hope that GATO's relations with the rest of CN continue to foster goodwill. Much like the alliance itself, there is a great potential.

I'd like to express gratitude to all the well-wishers of GATO since our departure from the Viceroyship and back into the realm of sovereignty. While I've found myself differing with the community in the past (I'm a notoriously stubborn man :P), I can honestly say that I'm quite thankful for everyone who has held a special place in their hearts and minds for GATO.

And finally, I leave you with an excerpt from my final address as Assembly Chairman of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization:

As I finish up, I would like to take the time to award a few members medals of distinction (according to that new fancy law and whatnot):

Global Alliance Service Medal


The third highest honors in the alliance, awarded to those members who have served the alliance in military and domestic endeavors with commitment, selflessness, and loyalty. Awarded by the Assembly Chairman.

Awarded to:

Dasgirl -- Not only the lovely face of a long lost generation of GATOans, but she's still at it in recruitment much like she was three years ago. However, it's due to her dedication and commitment to the betterment of the alliance in the recruitment program that she is awarded this honor.

Laserwolf -- As someone who has had the pleasure of working alongside Laserwolf for what is likely close to a combined year, it is hard to think of anyone more involved in the foreign affairs scene. Both his work under me as Deputy Assembly Chairman and on his own as the Minister of Foreign Affairs speak for themselves. On top of that, he has shown unbelievable dedication in ensuring his presence even while busy with personal matters. It is for all these reasons that he is awarded this honor.

Honorary GATO Member


Awarded to nations not in GATO who have aided GATO in war, finance, or in other means, to help secure the alliance. Awarded by the Assembly Chairman.

Awarded to:

Cataduanes -- The Commie menace :P Cata has sacrificed his nation for the protection of GATO in the past. He has served as an honorable member of these very Halls. And even while outside our doors once again, he has taken the time to work toward better relations between GATO and ODN. His lifelong commitment to a better GATO deserves to be recognized by all GATOans and non-GATOans alike.

Chimaera -- I think I'm just going to ask you to accept this on behalf of all IAA members. You had our back when we needed it most. And now after the dust has settled and IAA has returned to the realm of the living, we find ourselves once again allied. I can't think of a greater group of people than the IAA and their leaders' pursuance of ever-stronger ties with GATO makes this sasquatch eternally happy. It is for this reason that I award them.

Thank you all,


Assembly Chairman

Strength in Unity

Honor in Justice


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O/ Kevlar

Kevlar it has been an honor to serve under you during your tenure as AC. I would also like to extend my most sincere congratulations to Chim and Cata, you both are some of the best people on Bob, and its been a pleasure to work with and know you.

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To the death for GATO?

That's not far enough, old friends. My lightsaber would cut through the seams of infinity itself to fight by your sides.

Kevlar, your accomplishments as AC of GATO are momentous in both their timing and their magnitude, and I hope with all sincerity your successor continues such a trend. Whoever it is will have the might of the Empire beside him from Day 1, just as you have.

Edited by Chimaera
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Damn fine job you did Kev. It'll be strange not answering to a Sasquatch anymore but the new gov should be more than capable of building on your solid foundation.

Also. congrats to the awards recipients. No other group of people more deserving of those medals. :awesome:

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GATO is teh pwnage.

or for the more literate

GATO just happens to be the most respectable and amazing alliance that i have ever been a part of. It is astonishing how amazing the people that are within this alliance actually are. Especially certain members whom have $myposts posts.

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You might be the best leader of any alliance right now Kev, it's a shame to no longer see you as AC. Good luck with your next adventure :)

-Kev (the REAL Kev ;) )

No no sir, there is only one true Kevlar, and that is the almighty Sasquatch Lord.

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Kevlar, it has truly been an honor to serve along side you. Together we have tripled the exterminator budget with our two offices and the fleas but all joking aside, it has been an honor and I am humbled to receive the Service Award.

Also congrats to Das and especially to Chimy and Cata. :wub:

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Well Kevlar.. Your a great Saskatchewan... It was an amazing run in office for you buddy, and im sure we will see ya back in that spot light in the future :P

And i must say my congrats to Das.. who hit the freaking ground running when she came back..

And Cata, whose one of the greatest cn'ers out there... and the whole Commie team who came to us in the time of need.

And IAA.. You guys are the Brothers from another Mother that we still love.. your great allies, and great friends...

shout outs to CSN and USN also.. <3 you guys (even tho USN came in thru a different way :P)

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Farewell from one old GATOan to another. May our paths cross in the future, Kevlar. I haven't really been one of you since October of '06 and I doubt I ever can be again, but it was a pleasure working with you when I did. You were one of the good ones.

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