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  1. "Barbarian"? *chuckles* I always try to choose my words carefully. What is a barbarian? Stranger, from the original greek. But now it means something much more: uncivilized. Out in the wilderness. Beyond the rules and mores of organized society. That is most decidedly what we are not. The purpose of Order is to give nations the freedom from the barbarity of the unaligned. My comrade Vladimir and I have been writing about this problem for well more than a decade. What is an alliance, if not freedom from the piracy of raiders? How can a nation trade, if it is to be attack
  2. Let me fix that for you: Anything is possible when you eat babies.
  3. When I founded the Technology Corps of the New Pacific Order over 8 years ago, it was the first state-sponsored organization in existence on Planet Bob to help procure technology to member nations. I wrote the FAQ for it, and I still remember the answer to this question:
  4. Please don't bring PUA crap into CN. We have enough garbage as it is.
  5. And the 1992-3 Toronto Blue Jays.
  6. Cortath

    The 'C' word

    Be well, comrade. Sending good thoughts your way.
  7. I knew Moo for something like 8-9 years. I miss him too. May the Server in the Sky treat him kindly.
  8. Nintandarek: It's fine and all to ague that your movement was against "conditions" or that only certain "conditions" lead to Vox, but it's all a very self-defeating and circular argument. And that, of course, is fine and all. That's your right, and long ago did I discard the naïveté that lead me to believe that people would be forthright after why they acted or did things. Perhaps that existed in the earlier ages of Bob, but not now. But of course, it explains why we see so much of this Vox-like sentiment aimed against Pacifica: old reflexes are hard to kick, eh?
  9. You talking to me? I am Blackbird/Cortath in that world. Been playing since Dec 2002.
  10. Why would you do that? The people are the invaded sphere could just move to another one. No real point in that. That other game (in which I played a significant role, once upon a time), there were things to be gained from invading that could not be taken back easily. Liberations are hard. Here the solution is simple: if someone invaded the Red Sphere and messed up the NPO, the NPO could just move to another sphere just as easily.
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