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  1. "Barbarian"? *chuckles* I always try to choose my words carefully. What is a barbarian? Stranger, from the original greek. But now it means something much more: uncivilized. Out in the wilderness. Beyond the rules and mores of organized society. That is most decidedly what we are not. The purpose of Order is to give nations the freedom from the barbarity of the unaligned. My comrade Vladimir and I have been writing about this problem for well more than a decade. What is an alliance, if not freedom from the piracy of raiders? How can a nation trade, if it is to be attack
  2. That's not really where our tech came from. I strongly encourage you to take a walking tour of the historical Francograd Technology District, where the old Technology Corps was founded. There you can learn how tech was made back in a time that may seemingly sound relevant to you, as well as how technology creation and distribution methods have developed since. Hail progress! Hail Pacifica!
  3. [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/A_Primer_On_Francoism]A Primer on Francoism[/url]
  4. I would kindly recommend reading some of my comrade Vladimir's works or might I humbly suggest my own, to enlighten yourself as to the meaning of permanent revolution.
  5. Indeed. Pacifica long ago cast aside this notion of "grudges" as being remarkably unproductive. I was Emperor more than half a decade ago, and [i]I[/i] cast aside grudges, though many others on Planet Bob did not. It's a poor ruler whose only justification for spending blood and treasure are emotions and ill-feelings of years past. Pacifica spends neither so lightly.
  6. Let me fix that for you: Anything is possible when you eat babies.
  7. When I founded the Technology Corps of the New Pacific Order over 8 years ago, it was the first state-sponsored organization in existence on Planet Bob to help procure technology to member nations. I wrote the FAQ for it, and I still remember the answer to this question:
  8. Please don't bring PUA crap into CN. We have enough garbage as it is.
  9. And the 1992-3 Toronto Blue Jays.
  10. I was a little mad that no one in my alliance told me we had been declared on. But then I read this topic.
  11. Cortath

    The 'C' word

    Be well, comrade. Sending good thoughts your way.
  12. A pleasure as always to read the fine contributions of Pacifican Media! Hail the Order! Hail the Emperor! Hail the Body Republic!
  13. This is offensive to thinking people. Luckily for the author, they won't be offended.
  14. Do you read what you write anymore? You can be really bad at being a really evil puppetmaster, who's a liability to everyone who's stupid enough to let you control them. I don't really have an opinion one way or another, but certainly it's possible to be both. You know, I try to maintain a tad bit of humility, but you know that I was there during the August Revolution? I knew Francos Spain? I've known every Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Hell, I was Emperor of the New Pacific Order. I've read everything that's pretty much ever been written about Francoism, and I've written a fa
  15. You're not really in a good place when you just assume your opponents are total idiots. I generally operate on the following set of principles: my opponents are at least as smart as I am. When I see them doing something stupid, I presume they either 1) have facts that I do not have, or I possess facts that they do not, or 2) they are operating on a different set of principles than I am. I do not choose 3) they are stupid and I am smart and I always win and they always lose.
  16. *chuckles sadly, but then just cries into a facepalm* You're just posting nonsense NS Francoism gibberish in between your posts now. What the !@#$ is a "Feederite region for tech" from a "symbolic shell of alliance government?" We never had a "higher calling." There are no Gods in Francoism. We are no proselytizing religion. We serve no one but ourselves. We do not wish people to join us who do not desire to do so; we don't wish to convert some heathen "chaosians" into "Orderians." That's never been what Francoism is about. Francoism is a guiding set of principles or philosophies
  17. *chuckles & shrugs* Not my job really to "clarify" how third parties should evaluate our behavior. But, well ... Pacifica does not view things in the short-term.
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