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  1. What a joke alliance. Of course I'm in. -Kev
  2. [quote name='Dilber' timestamp='1346594499' post='3027407'] I should have been elected. This is a travesty! You can't not elect me! You will regret this! [/quote] I second this. Never thought I'd see a krab administration. Or CK nabbing MoD again. The magical mysteries of GATO. Conkrabulations to everyone! -Kev
  3. Obligatory entrance of Kevlar into a GATO topic. -Kev
  4. [quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1338581560' post='2975830'] Congrats to Kevlar, and an assortment of people I'm not familiar with but who I'm sure will do well. [/quote] Me me me! -Kev
  5. [quote name='Jacksonians' timestamp='1329766546' post='2924672'] I knew this before it was cool. [/quote] I knew that you knew it before it was cool. -Kev
  6. A belated congratulations to Pacifica Especially to comrade baka -Kev
  7. I'd like to thank me for this accomplishment. Oh, and GATO is still old o/ -Kev
  8. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1323545809' post='2872762'] It was slightly inconvenient needing to watch the video to know who you were declaring on, but at least it was a nice video. Have fun out there. [/quote] It gives us time to declare while everyone else is watching the video. I'm thinking the next one needs to be about 90 minutes long for maximum confusion. -Kev
  9. No video? What is this, 2006? o/ ODN -Kev
  10. I liked the rising action, but the character development was totally lacking. Which one of you clowns directed that steaming pile of... Anyway, onward and stuff! o/ GATO -Kev
  11. [quote name='MitchellBade' timestamp='1320168581' post='2836534'] [img]http://npo-terra.com/Forum/public/style_emoticons/default/kevlar.gif[/img] [/quote] [quote name='Duke Nukem' timestamp='1320180394' post='2836684'] Congrats on the newish gov guys. Its cool to see a lot of new faces in GATO's congress and even some old ones. /me looks at kevlar [/quote] ...wut? I'm not old. I've simply existed for awhile >_> [quote name='bakamitai' timestamp='1320202194' post='2836884'] This election is a sham and everyone elected is terrible. This needs more Chris_Kaos. Anyway, o/ Sp
  12. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1320155553' post='2836439'] Wow, NPO will never get the full set of ex-GATO AC's if they let them escape again after they claim them! Good to see Kev back in GATO gov though. [/quote] I think the free agency period got them this offseason. Also, Lanore for Dictator o/ -Kev
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