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  1. Whilst debating topics I could discuss, rant, and rave about, I stumbled upon a lost treasure. While undoubtedly there are many things occurring in this psychotic world of ours, there remain a few topics of discussion the delve much deeper into the human (and sasquatch) psyche and reveal us for who we truly are. It is here that I began my journey, a travel to the center of the soul and a catharsis of the mind. Civilizations new and old have pondered for as long as time itself the very meaning of life, the very questions behind our existence, and the very questions of those questions, typically
  2. Frankly, the Cyberverse has gone on far too long without the dastardly wisdom of its native sasquatch. This was brought to my attention by me on behalf of probably a bunch of other people. I also saw that Omni still has a blog and has not been writing about me like he is contractually obligated to. Some things simply have to be taken into your own skull-crushing hands. Anyway, I shall figure out some sort of exposé to deliver to the clamoring masses. Or whatever baka insists I talk about. This plan was ill-conceived. If your soul has a seat belt, you better strap in. -Kev
  3. And that was just today. Imagine all the things I've said over the years. IMAGINE -Kev
  4. Miss having you in GATO :o What all have you been up to lately? Classes are eating up a lot of my time lately, so I'm waaaay out of the loop.

  5. Hey Cata! Sorry, I rarely ever check this thing XD Goes well :D How've you been?

  6. Sorry, it didn't tell me that you had added me o_O

  7. Lol. Hi :P


    Your favorite person on earth and space and time,


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