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  1. Whilst debating topics I could discuss, rant, and rave about, I stumbled upon a lost treasure. While undoubtedly there are many things occurring in this psychotic world of ours, there remain a few topics of discussion the delve much deeper into the human (and sasquatch) psyche and reveal us for who we truly are. It is here that I began my journey, a travel to the center of the soul and a catharsis of the mind. Civilizations new and old have pondered for as long as time itself the very meaning of life, the very questions behind our existence, and the very questions of those questions, typically
  2. Frankly, the Cyberverse has gone on far too long without the dastardly wisdom of its native sasquatch. This was brought to my attention by me on behalf of probably a bunch of other people. I also saw that Omni still has a blog and has not been writing about me like he is contractually obligated to. Some things simply have to be taken into your own skull-crushing hands. Anyway, I shall figure out some sort of exposé to deliver to the clamoring masses. Or whatever baka insists I talk about. This plan was ill-conceived. If your soul has a seat belt, you better strap in. -Kev
  3. And that was just today. Imagine all the things I've said over the years. IMAGINE -Kev
  4. Meanwhile in the lesser known [i]Sasquatchia[/i], Imperial Regent Kevlar putters around at speeds roughly in the 70s. Running entirely on Wookiee hair and half-eaten burritos, it's a miracle that it runs at all. The vessel is a retro-fitted cargo ship with a smokestack for slow-cooking ribs. It turns out the Empire has a strict policy against furry creatures ruining the fine leather seats of command ships. And the Emperor isn't a fan of shedding on his Imperial garb. Puh-leez, don't act all surprised when you keep a sasquatch on as a member of your Ruling Council. At least I'm not one of those
  5. [quote name='Sande' date='01 February 2010 - 04:22 AM' timestamp='1265019762' post='2150222'] o/ Kevlar! [/quote] My sentiments exactly. And it is weird with all these announcements lately. Too much activity. SHUT IT DOWN -Kev
  6. I would like to congratulate me. Cheers to all -Kev
  7. We couldn't have done it without me Oh, and happy birthday to us, I suppose Celebrate: -Kev
  8. Woohoo Lookin' forward to some hot NSO action -Kev
  9. I wanted a clump of dirt and grass, but it didn't fly for some reason. Jerks. Also huzzah for VE and GATO B) -Kev
  10. Yay o/ VE o/ GATO Strength in Unity, Honor in Justice -Kev
  11. It was this day in history that my ego grew three sizes too big. Metaphorically speaking, of course. -Kev
  12. Thank you for the clarification and the support is very appreciated. -Kev
  13. The fact that you're trying to play off all the hard work that GATOans and NPO members have put into rebuilding this great alliance is sickening. Convenient of some people to grab a hold of our hard work and try to claim a slice of the pie. Hijack elsewhere, for our work is not yours to claim. I can see this getting old rather quickly -Kev
  14. This, to me, stands out among a sea of comments. I applaud you for your insight. Thanks to all the well-wishers. It is emphatically a new era for our alliance and I look forward to being a part of it. -Kev
  15. Your information is outdated. Why would a Viceroy make us complacent? If anything, shouldn't it make us anything but complacent? Our primary aid partner during the rebuilding phase was, as is well-known, NPO. We initially received aid for the simple purpose of rebuilding. We later did tech deals, which were altered to our benefit profit-wise. If your beef is with why we weren't purchasing technology, then the answer is simply because we didn't have the money at the time. Besides, there wouldn't have been a point to beefing up on technology when most of us were ZI. Currently we aren't r
  16. It's only wrong when you understand it incorrectly. In the post-war period, those in charge were put in place for the sole purpose of laying the foundations for the integral institutions and processes that run and perpetuate our alliance. The war, as has been stated, sapped a good majority of our membership, both in the literal sense (decline in membership) and in the psychological sense (decline in activity/caring). The Viceroy team stands as a foundational piece to the rebuilding of these internal processes and the training of individuals to take the places of those who left en masse duri
  17. Yeah, you totally caught us on that one. NPO is teh ebil and they sent all their eye candy to us to keep us complacent (baka, Mari, Cortath, SDRD...well...not so much SDRD ). They knew we were a sucker for a pretty face! Oh you clever Pacificans And NPO probably wants to end the viceroyship at some point because the position is cursed. We've already gone through like two viceroys B) On a more serious note, I think we as an alliance know NPO better than most people do. We've had a rather interesting relationship. Despite our long history, many realize that it is in the past. The dyna
  18. I don't think that anyone necessarily wants a Viceroy. We have one regardless. The question is whether the Viceroy is beneficial or detrimental to our well-being. In which case, I'd say they've been of great help to us and with their help we've been seeing steady growth since the war's end. Obviously it would be ideal to witness bountiful growth on our own accord, but we have to work with what we have, not with what we wish to have. The Viceroy team is not an imposing one nor one that has constrained us. While there will always be the basic distinction between having full control over ou
  19. We're making big strides toward achieving, yes In the meantime, time to grow grow grow! Oh, and I definitely second you on NAAC. It's hard to think of a more dedicated ally in all my time at GATO. Them and IAA Also, RV: You're just mad because you didn't win AC! -Kev
  20. Send more Ted Nugent Strangleholds my way. I look forward to GATO transitioning back to full sovereignty -Kev
  21. CHIM YOU ARE MY HERO AND I AM QUITE PLEASED THAT YOU ARE BACK IN THE REALM OF THE LIVING There, think that's out of my system. Welcome back and all that lovely jazz, by the way -Kev
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