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Good evening, everyone.

I would ask you to stand by for an announcement, in this very thread, within the next thirty minutes.

In the meantime, please sit back and enjoy

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People of the world,

We speak to you from the depths of the holt. We are those who have survived the final destiny of the Gods. We have endured endless cruel winters and the fires of wars alike. We have been for a long time divided and have fought not only against foreign hordes, but also against each other. We have at once both disgraced our Holy Fatherland by shedding the blood of brothers, yet also honored it: soaking it with the blood of our enemies.

We come from the distant past. Throughout history our name has been proclaimed as an insignia of pride and martial discipline, yet also whispered as if the greatest crime to be committed in the world of men. We have walked the paths that we created by ourselves for ourselves -- some prosperous, more still ruinous -- but never losing determination nor focus in the sea of blood that were our lives.

In times of misfortune, and in times of mistrust, we have always continued from generation to generation. When there was no unity, no justice, and no freedom, we endured. Having done the unspeakable against our very own, we found no peace even in the solace of combat. The Fatherland was no more, and there was no memory.

We have suffered, we have splintered, we have allowed enemies to destroy our people and everything we once considered unalterably ours. This happened not because of the doing of old foes, but through our own flawed choices. After enduring these trials we have learned the invaluable, that which none but death itself could teach us: the value and power of our collective will and effort.

The winter is finally drawing to an end. The time for survivors to abandon the woods that have given us shelter when in need is nigh. The time has come to break out like a furious northern wind: it is time for the choosers of the slain to unearth our fallen comrades, to let them again stand beneath our glorious banner of black, white and blood.


Once the Idisi set forth, to this place and that.

Some fastened fetters, Some hindered the horde,

Some loosed the bonds from the brave:

Leap forth from the fetters, escape from the foes!

Every tragic mistake, every trial, every moment in which we struggled to wrest ourselves from the toothy maw of death -- after all of it, we are still here, and we have never been more united and resolute. For too long we have dwelled on the failures of the past. For too long we have fought from within defeatism's pit. But that time for our People is over! This is the rebirth of an Empire! We are a storm of a million sharpened arrows ready to strike down against the earth to annihilate the refuse of the past and retake our land! Fear not! Be never dismayed! Our sacred Banner shall never fade! We have the Iron and we have the Blood ready to reclaim our destiny, to reclaim the proud glory that is our birthright!

The Return is at hand.

Nordlanders, break free!



Signed by Das Triumvirat:


John C. Calhoun

Oberherr Xenu (Formerly Emperor ß)

EDIT: I have a nasty habit of leaving obvious things out of announcements, in this case a link to our forum and a reminder that we may be found at #nordreich on Coldfront.)

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You've no idea how hard I just laughed right then. Good to see you guys back. :)

Posting in what could be an epic thread?

Nordreich's back. Boy would someone I used to know in Soldier love this :D

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lol nordreich. I've never liked you and likely never will. But rest easily knowing if you DO get out of hand the leftist are quite powerful enough to squash you.

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