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Soldier Announcement


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I am retiring from the position of Chairman of Soldier and the AUT will be replacing me. I will be taking up his role of Chancellor.

OOC CyberNations is flat out getting in the way of my real life. I am retiring from CN politics all together. I will probably be on IRC on the weekends, but other than that, not much. You guys won't be seeing to much of me even then though, because I am selling my laptop. /OOC

We have also appointed a new Minister of Recruitment.

Chairman: TheAUT

Chancellor: Facetten, youwish959

Minister of Defense: Nada2486

Dep Minister of Defense: Lord Phil

Minister of Economics: Melutar

Dep Minister of Economics: Dodger

Minister of Foreign Affairs: King William II

Dep Minister of Foreign Affairs: King Joseph IV

Minister of Internal Affairs: Cool3atool

Dep Minister of Internal Affairs: NONE

Minister of Recruitment: Kaiser Gutenhagen

Dep Minister of Recruitment: NONE

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