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Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement - Better Late Than Never


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Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement



Well, we at the Siberian Tiger Alliance have been sitting around while the war rages on around us for some time now. Time passes by so fast and we lose track of the goings on in the world around us. But, as the preeminent moralist alliance in the Cyberverse, we have an innate aversion to injustice in the world and can hardly stand by while unfairness reigns in our world.


It has been brought to my attention that something has happened in the world recently which we find to be unfair and we are going to "do something about it".


Let me correct this injustice right here and now. I apologise for my tardiness in announcing that the Siberian Tiger Alliance has passed the 5 million total nation strength milestone.




It was only 4 months ago we passed the 4 million milestone so it took me by surprise when alerted to another milestone disappearing in our rear-view mirror.


So, again, I apologise that this took me so long to announce but I now rest easier in the knowledge that the unfairness of keeping this knowledge from you all has now been resolved.


Za Sibir'!


Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland

Supreme Chancellor of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

High Priest and Grand Arbiter of the Cybernations Church of Moralism

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We have been putting a lot of effort into our growth but all the same it was still quite a surprise to reach 5m so quickly after surpassing 4m. It did seem for awhile whenever we posted an alliance milestone global war ensued although lately not so much. But yeah, thanks everyone for the well wishes.

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