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Ov der Sonne und der Erde

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This is a truly awesome moment for Terran Empire.  We came to a point where we needed to step out from the shadows and find allies who shared our values.  I am glad we have found such allies in Nordreich.  As Oro said to me just moments ago, there are no further words necessary than those found in the document above.  This is a new dawn, and together we march in rigid, ordered formation.
Glory to the Empire!
Glory to the Reich!
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You know very well you and Judson started this off, you'll have no sympathy! :P

Christ, don't do anything I started. Day 1 week 1. I got NG and we got rolled...not to mention the levels of homoeroticism went through the roof.

*Although really it was all Stewies fault. Edited by TurnipCruncher
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