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A Joint TAE-NoR Announcement

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[center]In the spirit of cooperation, unity, and camaraderie, Nordreich and The Austrian Empire are pleased to announce the mutual adoption of[/center]
[center][b]The German Solidarity Accords[/b][/center]
[center]An Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/center]

[center][quote]The Austrian Empire and Nordreich,[/center]

[center]I. Each recognize the sovereignty of the other, and with respect to that sovereignty:[/center]
[center]a. Agree to a pact of non-aggression,[/center]
[center]b. Maintain the right to act unilaterally in political and military matters;[/center]

[center]II. Commit to the advancement of a mutually respectful and friendly relationship with the aim of fostering cooperation in times of both peace and war;[/center]

[center]III. Each agree not to condone subeversive or destructive action against the other by their respective members;[/center]

[center]IV. Define "subversive or destructive action" as follows:[/center]
[center]a. Espionage,[/center]
[center]b. War or act of war,[/center]
[center]c. Deceit,[/center]
[center]d. Omission,[/center]
[center]e. Concealment;[/center]

[center]V. Agree to maintain regular communication between their respective members, governments, and representatives, to include:[/center]
[center]a. Maintainence and use of embassies,[/center]
[center]b. Regular use of public channels and private queries,[/center]
[center]c. Recurring meetings of Foreign Affairs officials to evaluate possible changes to this document;[/center]

[center]VI. Agree that while military assistance and financial assistance during times of war is not required, either signatory may request that the other provide such assistance, and:[/center]
[center]a. The signatory who requests assistance is entitled to response to the request within 48 hours,[/center]
[center]b. Military and financial assistance may be requested by either party during both defensive and aggressive alliance wars;[/center]

[center]VII. Agree to actively trade technology and to honor agreements regarding the sales of technology and that all deals need to be passed through respective finance leaders before sent;[/center]

[center]VIII. Each agree to give notice 72 hours in advance of any cancellation of this document.[/center]

[center][b]Signed for Nordreich:[/b][/center]
[center]His Imperial Majesty Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kaiser von Nordreich[/center]
[center]His Imperial Excellency Striderwannabe, Kronprinz des Reiches[/center]
[center]Daisy Mae Mac, Minister of Foreign Affairs[/center]
[center]Gottrich Northeim, Minister of the Interior[/center]

[center][b]Signed for The Austrian Empire:[/b][/center]
[center]CnaedmacAilpn, Kaiser[/center]
[center]Czar Lazar, Kanzler of the Österreichisches Reich[/center]
[center]Verlion, Minister of Interior[/center]
[center]King Louis XIV, Minister of War[/center]
[center]President Orff, Minister of Finance[/center]

Edited by Daisy Mae Mac
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Thank you everyone for all the kind words!

We may have had some differences in the beginning but it`s really great to see that we`ve moved past that and a friendship has emerged. It`s time for the Gernamic community to be united under our common theme and I hope our bonds only strengthen from here on out.


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