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  1. Old feller here looking to here some pitches on whoever is still kicking on planet Bob, prefer one that has a trade circle and feeds tech, isn't a complete dumpster fire
  2. Dearest Dame, This realm was not meant for those at the pinnacle of perfection to remain perched atop the mountain. Even Zeus and his siblings had to slay the titans. It is with that knowledge that we have come to this dead end, where we will strip your nation of all it's glory and show everyone the true dame Hime Themis, where the light will once again shine and bathe us in warmth while you are left in the dark. Regards, Infinite Desire
  3. something something go us, something something world domination, something something
  4. now that cuba has reached 500k NS, time for the race to 1mil!
  5. definately sad to watch deinos slip into the unknown,and i'll be missing a lot of the new friends i made in the time i was active. Hopefully we'll look back on Deinos and be happy we chose to end it with some class
  6. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=470323 i want some loving too, only have 1 war :(
  7. [quote name='Tom Riddle' timestamp='1358632342' post='3080247'] Looks like i have some more work to do. [/quote] cannot wait for your next masterpiece
  8. [quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1358636343' post='3080321'] Words cannot express the joy in knowing that you and your ilk are on your way out the door as we speak. Might we one day have standards of intellect to rule over the land once more. [/quote] literally ria
  9. [quote name='Tom Riddle' timestamp='1358561683' post='3079352'] We have no plans to get involved. All of our members have been told this. We also have the right, within our alliance, to speak our mind if we are neutral so that is what i did. We aren't even prepping for war right now [size=3][b]and if we where attacked we aren't ready.[/b][/size] [/quote] thanks for the information
  10. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1358559611' post='3079277'] There are always two of them. We have only detected 1, there is still 1 in the wild. [/quote] wheres LOLman when you need him
  11. [quote name='Tom Riddle' timestamp='1358559066' post='3079237'] As your Profile pic says, Haters gonna hate. Your wrong. If Umbrella thinks they got any chance to win this war, then they need to be putin a mental institution. If they think they won't be destroyed, they are delirious. They are crazy to even allow nations to be in war mode right now. [/quote] do you know who umbrella is?
  12. tom riddle you seriously have no clue about anything do you if you think umb will have under 30 nations. just stop.
  13. i didn't agree to this .ohwait i did. Go us, go MW, go us
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