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  1. Namayan

    Dope Doom Knights

  2. Namayan

    Dynamic Sig Stats

    thank you for this new signature
  3. Namayan

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    Congrats to us!
  4. Namayan

    Heard any good rumors lately?

    Wow, first DOW of TTE.   can you guys bring this war to me so I can have the fun as well?   :D
  5. Namayan

    The Dark Solis Pact v2

    congrats to our allies!!!
  6. Namayan

    Dark Templar Announcement

    Congratulations to our allies at DT!
  7. Namayan

    End of war pool

    well according to what I see Brehon Posted 27 March 2013 - 11:40 AM   If the time is based on local timezone, technically it is March 27 in some parts of the world   :D
  8. Namayan

    Infinite Land

    If I understand the game correctly, 1 land adds 0.2 population. If with agriculture development program wonder, 1 land adds 0.5 population. So if the game records timmehh to have 100k land means 50k population. If it records more like 150k land, then population added would be 75k. When comes to invincibility timmehhh ain't invincible because of land. Land loses the same rate as infra. You didn't take to account his current tech which 7th overall and 1st among warring nations. You also did not consider politics here wherein most within his range are either neutrals or allies. Another that was not considered is how timmehh plays the game or his skill at playing it. Land has always been a game mechanic available to everyone. But only timmehh maximized it while most players think that land is a useless game feature. It is quite unsettling If we are to change the game mechanics simply because a group players are doing better than others.
  9. Namayan


    With due respect to those who posted, I think the war alliances are more concern about war casualties and stats like those as nature of war alliances are to lose total NS.
  10. Namayan

    Peace Announcement

      That can be provided thru the battle statistics:   Stat by Mompson of Polaris as of Feb 25, 2013 Total NS detroyed by UCoN :  225,982.0193 NS Total NS lost by UCoN: 188,402.325 NS Damage Ratio : 1.19   Stat undeleted due to new mechanics of non-deletion of battle stats as of March 10, 2013 Total NS detroyed by UCoN :  159,248 NS Total NS lost by UCoN: 113,062.28 NS Damage Ratio : 1.40   If you use Missing value analysis and/or interpolate the deleted battle stats and fix the overlapping stats, Damage Ratio should be around 1.25-1.30.  If you base this final damage ratio on Mompson's stat back in Feb 25, right around Pacifica, MK, GOONS, NG's damage ratio.
  11. Namayan

    Peace Announcement

      We signed the peace with MW's permission.  Better ask 2 of your allies on it rather me putting sensitive stuff here.  It will clear up why we chose peace.     Peace was very far from our minds until we were informed of the situation. 
  12. Namayan

    Peace Announcement

      UCoN will always stay at war as long MW ask us to do so.  We had the permission of our allies at MW with regards to this peace since there is already something happening beyond our reach.  There is more to this agreement than meets the eye.  Please ask our common allies at MW for more info.
  13. Namayan

    Stats ITB: 7

    Statistics based on the blog for 1/26 until 3/5: Coalition : Nations at 1/26 (Nations at 3/5) / Difference of Nations between 1/26 and 3/5 (Nation difference per day per tier) Eq 150k+: 30 (7) / -23 (0.59) 150k-100k : 231 (51) / -180 (4.62) 100k-80k : 292 (161)/ -131 (3.36) 80k-60k : 449 (416)/ -33 (0.85) Co 150k+: 35 (24)/ -11 (0.28) 150k-100k : 153 (71) / -82 (2.102) 100k-80k : 104 (52)/ -52 (1.33) 80k-60k : 117 (118)/ +1 (0)