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  1. I'm not INT. I'm just a member. If I spoke for INT... well, we'd be a shit alliance. inb4 HURR DURR ALREADY SHIT
  2. Not mad, heck, I don't even know how to feel right now. On one hand, I respect GATO, I even fought for GATO waaaaay back when, and I sort of respect you lot, because good war gg and all that. But... NoR.
  3. The International hereby changes their flag and name to be more suitable to our current ideology. The United People's Banana Republic. ...No but really, how can someone keep saying the same things over and over when they are pretty clearly wrong. INT is the most democratic alliance that I know of, and I've been to my fair share of alliances. OP is mad, this seems to be all.
  4. You should go see a doctor, Craig. Caring is a serious problem, even if it was just gas. One can never be too sure.
  5. Well this thread has satiated my monthly requirement for autism and drama. I can safely go back into OWF hibernation.
  6. Well isn't this just a worrying turn of events. Such fun, many spy.
  7. From our own forums, once again thanks to MisterSquared.
  8. Is it true you s**t gold? I've heard rumors...
  9. Oh Craig, you know there are no 'younger eyes' left on CN. They're all disillusioned like the rest of us or were run off ages ago.
  10. So it begins, and so it ends. Once more we go to war, and once more I rise from deep inactivity to contribute little and less. Welp, led do this.
  11. It's true, you know, I've seen the photos and read the reports. Craig is the real deal.
  12. I may be a godless commie, but war is still fun to watch, extremist Mushquedans or not.
  13. Eh well. Had to happen, I know I'll miss GATO, that's for sure. Commie Volunteer Force for life.
  14. I can't believe I came back for these people. Awful line-up, 1/10 would not spread the revolution with.
  15. Belated Happy Birthday, or something. I always thought you guys were kind of annoying and posted too much, but hey, at least you post well written and thoughtful things that make for a good read even if I tend to disagree with them.
  16. Woo, it happened, and I'm probably late. But yeah, sweet.
  17. "Ours is the pony" Good treaty, hails all around
  18. I see no Trotsky as Eternal President and Glorious Leader for All-Time... The hell is this?
  19. If there was any war, or any person I'd wanted to be nuked by first, then this war fulfilled it. Enjoyable, and a good fight...at least until I got the D. o7 RnR
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