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The Blood Brothers Pact - A Wolfpack/NEW announcement

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[center][size="6"]The Blood Brothers Pact[/size][/center]


The Code of the Warrior carries many names written in many languages, but a warrior stands ready to their duty when the time comes. NEW and Wolfpack have fought and bleed for each other on many occasions via the Blood For Friends Bloc, understanding the commitment each other have made, we formalize those feelings of brotherhood into this Pact, The Blood BrothersPact.

[b]Section 1- [/b]

Both alliances remain singular entities, nothing in this treaty should imply otherwise.

[b]Section 2- [/b]

Both alliances agree to treat each other with respect, both publicly and privately. Should a disagreement arise it will be settled in a private setting, but respect for both parties is a must.

Both alliances agree to share any information about the other alliance openly and without reservation.

Neither alliance will act aggressively toward the other. (No raids, spying, ect.)


Should either alliance come under attack, the other alliance agrees to come to their defense.

If one alliance decides to enter an offensive war, the other alliance may, but is not required to participate.

[b]Section 4 -[/b]

Should either alliance wish to withdraw from this treaty, they most let the other know privately. A 48 cancellation period follows.

[b]Signed for NEW:[/b]


On behalf of all elite warriors and in the name of HisMajesty Mahaprabu Cyrus 0321...Bhayangkara of NEW approved this

[b]Signed for Wolfpack:[/b]


Founder - Wolfprince

MOD - constablepotato

Regent - Muddog

[center] [/center]

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[quote name='iamthey' timestamp='1326690322' post='2900689']
Blood brother's pact... Isn't that the name of the IRON/TOP treaty?

No, that's Hearts of IRON II.

ODN-IRON was Orange Blood Brothers pact. I think they tried to get TOP to sign, oddly enough.

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