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Winter Delayed by Indian Summer

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Dear friends and the rest of you,

Its been an absolute privilege of the OMFG Tribe to watch our close friends at ÆSIR grow and develop under our stewardship for the past 9 months. As with most they've seen their ups and downs and overcome the harsh climates of Planet Bob to mature unto their own solid unit and alliance. At this time I'd like to announce our Treaty Upgrade with ÆSIR from their protectorate status. They've come far and we expect them to continue to grow and prosper into the future. We'd be honored to continue to witness that progress as their close and steadfast allies till the end of time.

[quote][center][b]The Tribe Hits the Beach Treaty[/b]


Article I: Non-Aggression

Both signatories recognize and respect the sovereignty of each other and neither shall not take part in military, espionage, or diplomatic agression against each other. Should any issue arise it shall be handled diplomatically and in private.

Article Two: Cooperation

Both signatories will work together including but not limited to helping with technical information, mutually beneficial trading, organizational assistance and diplomatic support. Either signatory may request financial aid at any time which must be made to the head of the alliance. Aid is not obligated but friends help friends when needed.

Article III. Information

Should either signatory possess any information regarding pertinant information to the other signatory they are required to pass the information to the government of said signatory immediately.

Article IV - Defense

Should one signatory alliance come under attack, it is the obligation of the other alliance to come to their aid as needed whether military, monetary or diplomatic. Should the signatory engaged in military operations choose, they, may release the other alliance from any obligations carried by this article. Should either signatory engage in aggressive attacks that lead to a declaration of war against them, or honor a third party treaty that leads to a declaration of war upon them, then the other signatory's olbigation in this article will be considered void. However the decision to enter may still be chosen at the other alliance's discretion.

Article V - Optional Aggression

Should either signatory alliance decide to take aggressive action against a third party alliance, the other signatory alliance is strongly encouraged but not required to assist them militarily.

Article VII - Termination

Should the two sides be unable to resolve their differences diplomatically, this pact may be terminated by either party after giving 47 hours notice to the other, followed by a 7 day period of non-aggression between the two signatories.

Signed by ÆSIR,

Craven - Hilmir

James Maximus - Jarl

Gingervites - LoEA

Decedere - LoW

Signed for Ordinary Men Fighting Giants,

KillJoy - Chieftain

Calderone - Sachem

Greg23 - Pathfinder

Lord Panis Rahl - Pochtecatl

Jedaye DaGeordie- Drunken Elder





Edited by Calderone
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OMFG has been the most supportive friend and ally we could ask for and we could not agree on any better alliance to align ourselves with. We look forward to standing beside them on the battlefield in the future and returning all the help they've given to us since our founding. On this Thanksgiving day, we are extremely appreciative and we look forward to continuing this relationship and building upon it further.

o/ OMFG and ÆSIR

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[quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1322161926' post='2850523']
I love how people seem to think any of this is delaying Winter.
Who exactly thinks that upgrading our protectorate is delaying winter? Sounds a bit asinine to me. *EDIT* (Read this in a half sarcastic/half pompous @#$ hole voice)

Thank you OMFG for giving us the chance to grow under your wing, you guys have been great protectors and I'm sure you'll be great MDoAP partners.

Edited by James Maximus
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