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  1. We had our disagreements, but overall I understand what you did and while I disagree I do not hold it personally. I joined RoK at a different time, I was like 16 when I joined. I learned a lot from getting under your skin though :)
  2. I meant to hit someone else but they are out of range so NSO got the target. :(
  3. I'm the hero Bob deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
  4. Well I have decided my time in Cybernations has come to an end. I do not have and bitter or angry reasons for leaving I just have other things to do. Cybernations has great potential if we allowed it to go back to what it is, that is a a game. Anyhow I don't have anything extravegant to say so here are my goodbyes and thank yous: Ragnarok: Definitely one of the alliances I am most proud of being in, they stick to their guns even when the world doesn't like that. Respect +10 for them. Kaskus: My favorite international alliance I would say. A good group of people, and they have bigger balls
  5. Why in the name of butterflies on crack do I agree with tbm?
  6. **Update classified** The Sumatran RDF issued a warning and an ultimatum to the Dark Mark government to give over the prisoners that were captured during a Sumatran engagement and to leave the base inhabitted by the Sumatran soldiers and doctors. In response they have sent a laughable lie about a false gas explosion when multiple gunshots were heard and prisoners taken away from Sumatran hands. Not only have they lied to us and killed Sumatran POWs, but they have now threatened to remove our soldiers forcefully on pain of death. The president on his way to Selenarctos was informed on the s
  7. OOC: Apologies for the wait, I have been playing EVE :P IC: President Hadiman was excited to go to his first diplomatic meeting since the election. The nation of Selenarctos was a top choice for the foreign ministry which is why the president him self would go. On his way he was briefed on the situation in the Dark Mark and the actions of the paramilitary group claiming ownership over the nation. He ordered the group be recognized as human rights violators for the murders in the terrorist compound and for the murder on the Sumatran F.O.B not too long ago. On the plane he decided to br
  8. The soldier was shocked and at first had no idea how to react, he snapped out of it a few seconds later and rushed to the aid of the man that came from the bush. The man was dead, it was too late to save him at that point. The angered soldier ordered the Dark Mark troops to step away and a group of four Sumatran RDF troops stepped in and grabbed the man up to take to the medical center to be identified. A group of 5 men rushed to the gate and closed it so as to not let the Dark Mark in. A message was sent via the urgent communications line all the way to the Dark Mark HQ.
  9. The foreign dignitaries ran for their lives in fear of this machine. Like a herd of cattle they trampled over everything to reach the exit and go home.
  10. 100 maximum security prisoners would be sent to represent a small city in Sumatra. The government didn't mind, after all they were headed into a war zone. Two hundred rotten fish and cow skins were sent with them as a gift. The president had nothing to say but "Enjoy the trip"
  11. The Eastern Borneo Scientific Interests organization will wend 1,000 people to said event. Expecting the house to provide the booze.
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