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  1. How about those Polls? Romne Ahead now nationally accordingt to Gallup, 52-45 and Tied with Obama in the NBC Poll(Totally biased) 45-45. Thoughts?

  2. Actually the biggest word in a major dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  3. That Iscariot guy is...interesting...

  4. How do you get away with that avatar lol

  5. Cool, il look into getting that my self.

  6. http://www.random-image.net/

    It's a good tool. I've never seen it close to the maximum number of hits a day, and use it on here and alliance forums.

  7. how does your sig do that 0_0

  8. Isaac MatthewII

    "Weak" CBs

    A CB is a reason for an action, not an action. So basically saying there is a weak CB is saying that the reason is $#%^. Good read.
  9. Hey, about that diplomacy thread..yeah

  10. I tried to squash that bug on my screen. Good show.

  11. Thanks, I have liked your Kennedy stuff as well.

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