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Peace In Our Time!


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In many wars middle-men are sought to v=find a peaceful and well agreeable set of terms where all involved parties have the pleasure of...


...wrong thread?

..ffs alright go to the back up then

[img]http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/1548/officialflag450x250.png[/img] [img]http://i422.photobucket.com/albums/pp307/jakethetech/NPL/orig.png[/img]

[size="6"]Intercontinental Parrot Powered Tactical Missiles![/size]

Article I. Friends don't steal friends' booze

The Nuclear Proliferation League, and the the Pirates of the Parrot Order hereafter known as the parties agree not to
to perform any actions against the other that may end them either locked in the brig or strapped to a nuclear missile destined for Pluto, and agree to pay 100% reparations in the event of the shiny red button being pressed..

Article II. Intelligence

The parties agree that neither would like to be caught in a drunken stupor and agree that they will share any and all information important to insure that no beer or rum shall be spilled in any occasion.

Article III. Hooker Fund

Either party may request money from the other that would in turn be used to either bribe smontag into jumping through hoops and bending knee or other important things that need not be said in public. Funding, may also be used as either party see fit in dimly lit casinos and vermine ridden brothals.

Article IV. Treaty

Both parties agree that after a period of nuking the whales, they will come together to reflect on the treaty once every 30days or so.

Signed on 10/4/2011 For:

For the PPO:

Captain- Lurunin
Commander of War- SpliceVW
Commander of IA- general abmenaj
Commander of Recruitment- angus kahn

Signed on 10/4/11

For the NPL:

KemMo, Triumvir
King Wally, Triumvir
Morjon, Triumvir

Smurthwaite, Warhead of Foreign Affairs
Gofast2006, Warhead of Defenses
Wickes, Warhead of Communications
MildlyInsane, Warhead of Education
Kirkhill, Warhead of Economics



[quote=King wally]Parrots have the right to own nukes too you know!

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