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Announcement from the New Sith Order


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In the interests of moving past this afternoon, and continuing our efforts forward; I'll keep this brief.

YouWish has parted company with this world, he'll be missed around the Order. Hopefully he'll return to us soon. However, as such, as Dark Lord of the New Sith Order - I hereby ascend to the throne of the [i]Emperor of the New Sith Order[/i].

From March of 2009 until today; nothing has stood in our way. Nothing has slowed us down. We overcame all, and we shall continue forward. We shall continue upwards, and we shall continue continuing.

[b]The strong will survive[/b]


Emperor of the New Sith Order

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Top Posters In This Topic

[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1313652707' post='2783632']
[color="#0000FF"]We are pretty great.

Also, how is it going Impero and Goldie (when you see this)?[/color]
Kill Ray, become emperor.

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[quote name='Pearl' timestamp='1313656261' post='2783742']
So what was that other announcement for? Meh, w/e

Anyway, Congratz Rayvon!

As Varianz pointed out at the end of the first page of that thread, it was intended as a joke. This is the true, official announcement.

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